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Here, There, Everywhere, and Us
1/6/2022 8:04pm

I was first contacted by the Olds Network through a woman who appeared from an alley. I was taking my nightly constitutional, but without my old hound Rex, who was at home feeling his age.

"Sir I believe there is something you need to see. Please come with me."

In the gaslight, she appeared prim, like a librarian. She turned and walked into the dark alley.

I knew the city well enough to smell foul trade ahead. Muggers ready to bash my skull in with a sap and remove my wallet! I hurried down the well-lit streets, calculating the most direct way home. But what if I was followed? Shouldn't I take a more circuitous path? But how to avoid secluded areas? How to avoid the killing zone?

Suddenly a door opened. Ahead of me, on the sidewalk. It was a smooth door of ornate wood, and the room inside was incredibly well-lit. Blinding white, in fact.

"For god sakes man! Get in before we're spotted!"

The silhouette of a man of my own age and stature called to me from the door.

"What is this?" I walked up to confront the silhouette, tired of this tomfoolery.

And the man grabbed my shoulder and pulled me in.