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Dream Tour
2/17/2022 6:26pm

Nevermind, I had a dream where you took me on tour, so I'll just go home now I guess. Australia and cousin Emmy, here I come!

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Dream Tour
2/17/2022 8:48am

Hi @Beatrice B !
You seem like an experienced student, so would you mind giving me a tour?
I want to know the lay of the land before I enroll in a month.
I can meet at any time and place.

Children's Circle
2/16/2022 9:31am

At the Children’s Circle in Australia that I went to, we only had a daycare space 3 times a week, so we did activities outside a lot. We would go on trips to the desert and the leader would call all the creatures of the desert in the area to come and put on a puppet show for us. You haven’t lived until you see a group of kangaroos reenact Hansel and Gretel with cactus flowers. Afterwards, we would wait until dark and capture starlight in jars. Then we would take it home and mix it into paint at the daycare the next day. Finger Painting with starlight paint was my favorite activity.

2/16/2022 9:30am

Hey beings of PsyHigh!
I'm Jax. I'm still trying to decide if I want to go here, so if anyone would be willing to take me on a tour of the campus, I would appreciate it greatly.
I'm available at any time and place in the multiverse.

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