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10/3/2017 3:33pm

Hey! So I wanted to apologize for something.

I, uh, I experiment with nature magic a lot (As it is my element) and so now a bunch of lilly flowers are flying around. Who knew that dragonfly wings coujnted as "Nature"? I get that their bugs but normally that only applies to plants.

Please help me catch all of these flowers. They are everywhere and and I'm having a problem round ing them up. Again, I'm sorry. I'll clean this up before I start working again.

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Feeding Saber-tooth Tigers
10/1/2017 7:24pm

Hey @Cave Girl Claire ! Speaking of your tiger prowling around at night,

He/She/They are currently in my dorm. I was cooking food for a party later tonight and they popped up and started eating the food. Turns out Saber-Tooth Tigers love Fae Steak. It won't hurt them or anything, but t seems to keep them happy.

Anyways, could you come get them please? I've been cooking pretty much non-stop and I'm a little scared for when I run out of steak.

10/1/2017 7:18pm

The time for the Fae Fete! This is a HUGE celebration each year as fae from across cities to dimensions migrates to new lands. It's something similar to the monarch butterfly migration and is a huge deal to the Fae. So, I decided to have a celebration here! This school has been very welcoming to the fae so I am hosting a Fae Fete in the local park just a block away.

Looking at the school's past, I've seen some problems with students attending fairy parties. Everything is in the nearby park, so there are no worries about being trapped in other dimensions ;)

Please feel free to bring anything from your own culture! The whole point of the Fae Fete is that its a gathering to celebrate the cultures that have come together with the Fae migrations. The more diverse it is, the better!

There will be food, games, drinks, music, and more, so come celebrate! Come to the park tonight and we can party!

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9/18/2017 3:53pm

Hello! My name is Lucia Smith, though my friends call me Poppy. I am a fairy, and I am excited to be part of the Fairy Integration program here and Psy High.

I have spent my whole life fascinated with human culture, so when I heard that this program was being started up, I immediately decided to join. I lived with my parents and sisters in the Fae world. I'll be returning to home during the summer, so I'm afraid I won't be available during this time.

The purpose of this program was to try and create harmony between the Fairy and Human race. I, personally, just find humans neat creatures. I don't see how you people can live without wings. It would drive me nuts!

Anyways, I'm excited to be here and look forward to the adventures that will follow.

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