Kurt Frankenstone

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Certaines choses doivent ĂȘtre laissĂ©es seules...
1/13/2019 5:57pm

Hey did I miss the voyage? I want to go too! But you'll have to dig me out. Only about the top ton of me is above ground. If you can excavate me I promise I'll be a rock solid member of the team.

The Angels
1/2/2019 10:50pm

Well, I'm no angel. And whaddaya need the school's permission for, @Hana Song?

I'm the roughest, hardest, and heaviest customer you'll find on campus. You'll find me out behind the backstop at the Subliminal Baseball Field. You can't miss me, because I'm huge. And immobile. Stuck right into the ground.

And if I catch those kids who keep spray painting on me (I'm looking at you, @Jacob Gryffon) I'm gonna bust some skulls! Just you wait!