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5/22/2019 6:05am

It seems that things have gone a bit haywire. In further studies on the triangular facets of life, near nuclear fission was nearly achieved. The very act of trying to visualize the separate Neutrons, protons, and electrons in every atom is a dangerous practice and is ill advised for home practice. Instead refer to natural organic objects such as plants and animals to find sacred patterns and geometry. Big thanks to the nurses office for excellent care on 2nd degree nuclear burns! Planning on consulting with some Scientia students about these findings. Perhaps homework is a fair trade for assisted chemical reaction speeds?

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The Magic Squares
5/11/2019 8:29pm

Hey, @Evie Galois , I think I should have some time after studying, I have a big test coming up in Pre-Jainism, so if you smell something burning by my dorm, please wait out the trance! I'll be glad to help once I perceive your arrival!

5/11/2019 8:23pm


In any instance of using symbology, applying some basic numerical structure can help provide grounding to the "circuit" of the image.
Try choosing some symbols related to your spell. Imagine you are creating a large scale sigil, or a pictographic spell.
Create a sacred 4-base triangle (Much like the triforce) and in each triangle, create a flow based on the patterns. If the intent is protection, place the protection symbol of your choice in the top, and assign zodiacs respective to yourself. Another application is creating the triangle structure pointing down, and creating two symbols above your primary zodiac. Both of these create the image of the energy raining down on you, and should be treated not as an instant gratification, but an energy redirection.


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5/1/2019 11:13am


When embarking on a psychic practice, the use of numeric symbology as a grounding source is a common practice. Imagine the circuit of energy as a battery; it must have a common source from which to flow from. If you simply release the energy you may find yourself wandering into unbalanced, and even dangerous territory, I including but not limited to: psychosis, outward appearance of psychosis, reality jumping, realization of futures the mind may not be prepared for / is incapable of accepting, paranoia, and conspiracy delusions more elaborate than a J.R. Tolkien book, whoever that may be.

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Running list 1.0
4/23/2019 4:29pm

INITIAL SIGHTING (Synchronicity Awakening)
This is not the first to occur, but the first that strikes the observer in a profound way, and will likely pave the way for noting other events, likely leading to ones mind becoming more aware of surroundings. This tends to lead one towards habing constant sight on visual and sonic reminders to stay in the moment. This is key to psychic balancing, as it keeps ones mind "in the moment" (balanced/centered)

I'll start,
I realized the ratio driving to work one day. At a redlight, I realized two cars in front of me were not only the same make and model, but in fact the exact same color. I looked in the lane to my right, and to complete the triangle of cars, was another car of the same make, model, and color. These vehicles were not only a group of three, but had on of the three in a different lane, driving alongside the other two, creating a visual divide, symbolizing the ratio of 1:2, yet still all maintaining similarities.
This is crucial to Synch. events, as one cannot simply see three things (or whatever your awakened number is) and claim a synchronicity. There must be a connecting factor that ties them, and a factor that separates them either into 3 individuals (creating a sequence), or into a ratio of 1:2.

-Birth name syllable count: 1st: 3 2nd: 2 3rd: 1 (Double Reverse Sequence)
-Maternal siblings, middle name variants of Lin/Lynn: Jaquelin, Franklin, Lynn, (1:2 Ratio, and Sequential Syllables)
-Maternal siblings, I am the brother of two sisters (1:2 Ratio)
-Mother has same sibling group (two females, one male; 1:2 Ratio)
-Maternal sibling father names: Jeremy (3 syll), Thomas (2 syll), And Leo (2 syll): 1:2 Ratio
-Pets! Everyone loves animals, right? 6 vertebrate pets as follows, 3 cats, 2 dogs, and one lizard. Two types are mammal, one type reptilian. This is both a Sequence and a 1:2 Ratio.

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Running list 1.0
4/23/2019 4:09pm

Concepts of numerical significance / "synchronicities"

When going about ones day, there may be certain vague yet profound symbolic events that are coded into reality. There has been no finding of specifics from one being to a next, though there is a high likelihood for one to discover theirs to simply be the first recurrence that they discover. I for one have found triplet groups, ratios, and triangular shapes to follow me. 1:2, more commonly than many others. More findings to come, most likely to simply inform of exciting sightings of threes.