Cat Statue

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Spider in a Glass
7/6/2019 12:53pm

My mausoleum feels a little more lived in now. The egg of the Southern Chemical Giant sits in its bowl in the center of the main chamber, the empty bowls beside it. Two more to go!

Meanwhile, @Scoty Didae's spider curse will begin to fade. He'll start to lose legs, his exoskeleton will rupture, and there he'll be, shivering and naked in his original primate form. It will be a little painful. He'll think he's dying. But he has good people to help him through.

And I'll go back to doing what I do best. Waiting.

My patience runs deep.

Spider in a Glass
5/17/2019 6:15pm

Caught a spider in a glass and let it go, but then I didn’t wash the glass and put it back. Now I’m waiting to see who drinks from it first cuz you just know what’ll happen.

Come on down to the common room at Golden Flower dorm and place your bets!