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Alastor Dimitri
- 8/22/2016 11:50am

Its been almost a year since my incident. I cant tell why but I keep having strange dreams about my ethereal trip. Night terrors plague my evenings and the witching hour. I've started to have shorts, just the other day I was in the lunchroom and I tried to drink my electrolyte shake. My arms wouldn't work! I kept shedding sparks then I felt like I had condensed and shot forward at great speed! This is truly a feat of incredible electrical power. I need to consult @kubert and maybe @Fawn about this, before I throw the electrical Ying and Yang out of balance, and a wildlife disaster occurs.

- 8/24/2016 2:48pm

Yo, @Alastor Dimitri! Great to hear from you, kid! Sorry about your shorts.

I'm at Morse Science Community College now, taking classes in their Science Hero department. The Mythopedic Pocket Universe Projector 9000 project got shut down by the PCC (Psychic Communications Commission) until it could be "proven" to be "safe." Bureaucrats. How are we suppose to innovate with all their regulations and red tape?

So in the meantime I've developed a self-cleaning thought expunger, a tortilla maker that doubles as a tank destroying laser grenade launcher, and a totally sweet leopard skin voltage harness.

Hey! Maybe that totally sweet leopard skin voltage harness is exactly what you need, Alastor? Lemme know and I'd be happy to lend it to you.

Alastor Dimitri
- 8/24/2016 10:36pm

Well, @kubert, I am honestly unsure what would be causing these. This is nothing like last time. Why, just the other day it had happened again, and it landed me right in Anhk's office. I mean literally, I went through an outlet in the wall, and ended up right in her office! Luckily she wasn't in, or that would have been very hard to explain. It would have been even harder to explain if I ended up in the girl's laboratories, Right @Bella and @Fawn? It's the strangest feeling, I feel like a slinky that is getting pressed together, then one end shoots of and the other follows. I'm at a complete loss.

Mr. Hazeldell
- 8/29/2016 7:04pm

In my 102 years of teaching Ether Physics at Psychic High School, I do remember one young man with very similar powers, @Alastor Dimitri. His name was Reddy Kilowatt, and it was the class of 1925, I believe.

Reddy started off as a regular enough fella, out for the football team, barreling around campus in his Hatfield Coupe with the top down, flirting with girls in his raccoon coat, dancing the Yaya and the Charleston and running liquor for the mob. It was all fun and games back then.

But after our campus electrical system was upgraded, Reddy found new powers. He found he could shoot through the wires like he was living lightning, even leap from building to building in great crackling arcs.

After graduation he went straight to work in the utility advertising business, and had a good career promoting rural electrical use for many years. During WWII, I heard he worked as part of a secret elite force, battling the top Ubermench of the third reich.

Eventually though, time caught up with Reddy, and he began to seem a little too old fashioned. Electricity got to be so commonplace it didn't need a mascot any more. Last I heard he was living in a rest home for other forgotten mascots, like Elsie the Cow and the Jolly Green Giant. Somewhere in southern California, I believe.

Nathaniel Rucker
- 9/1/2016 12:25pm

What is this?

Enrique Metabolism
- 9/1/2016 6:39pm

Did the same thing happen to you, @Nathaniel Rucker? I was charging my phone and there was a big spark and I picked it up and looked at the screen and it said HELP ME written backwards on it. In pixels. Then my phone rebooted and it went away. Lots of students on this floor are having weird electrical issues. They blame that @Alastor Dimitri kid.

Alastor Dimitri
- 9/4/2016 11:39pm

Sorry for the delay, I have been trying to update..but I had an issue... It's been several days, and I think I'm lost in our electrical system, I keep bouncing. I was able to focus long enough to get this through. I'm slipping away again, I'll try to find the generators, from there I can navigate back home, for now...I guess ill be channel surfing. Someone please help me!

Zora Dyne
- 9/7/2016 12:13am

I've got a head full of numbers.

It's about 10 feet from me to the wall. The width of a 100 megahertz radio wave. I know the frequency of my laptop, and my phone, and the electricity in the walls. I tune the dial on the radio on the boom box and walk around the room to see where the curves meet. Turn on the PlayStation, set my laptop 73 centimeters in front of it at a 90 degree angle, and put my phone on top of the bookshelf. The amplitude in the room begins to shift. Then I arrange the string of Christmas lights just so, until...

There. I set the resonance perfectly. Now I can throw books and pens around the room and they float like I'm on the space station. Slow motion, end over end. And after making a graceful dance around the room, they always come neatly back to my hand.

Except something is off. A book suddenly falls to the floor. Ghost frequencies creating interference patterns. Standing waves that suddenly appear and leave. Localized electromagnetic storms? If this keeps up, I may need to insulate my room better.

Mr. Hazeldell
- 9/12/2016 10:25am

Going through my attic this weekend, I discovered an old invention of mine that you might be interested in, @Alastor Dimitri. Back when Reddy Kilowatt first discovered his powers, I created a tiny tin robot. It's about eight inches tall, sturdy, with jointed arms and legs and a little head that turns. It's also insulated with frequency feedback controls to be able hold an electrical being like yourself inside of it.

Reddy never used it. Well, he used it once. He got in it one day and tore around my classroom lab like a crazy chicken! Knocking over my induction motors and coils and causing quite a commotion let me tell you! With all that energy inside it, combined with its small size and, if I may say so, excellent engineering, it can move incredibly quickly, and possesses a strength many times larger than its size might make you think.

I've oiled up the joints and replaced the original wiring, and added some more modern capacitors and a few more surprises. I've docked it in its cradle and hooked it up to the outlet in my laboratory. It's sending out a signal through the wires - Fit as a Fiddle by Fred Waring & His Pennsylvanians, one of my favorite tunes. Come on in and give my little robot a spin!

Justin Colorado
- 9/15/2016 12:49am

Yeah I dunno which one of you wise guys is responsible but my mechanical bulls got loose and ran wild today. It was like Pamplona. I have to admit I was laughing pretty hard watching you prissy psys climbing up the walls trying to get out of the way, but I knew the Dean would pin it on me as malicious vandalism so I put on my old rodeo clown outfit and tried to maintain some kind of order.

Mechanical bulls are usually perty easy to fool but these had a wild, sparky look in their eyes, and I couldn't stop them when they decided to crash through the floor-to-ceiling windows and into the cafeteria. The Dean is gonna kill me I just know it. But this can't be my third strike--I had nothing to do with it, honest. If I had to guess what got into them I'd say it has something to do with that charged up wuss @Alastor Dimitri. I've heard he's causing all kinds of mayhem bouncing around in the electrical grid.

Now there's a power we could make good use of at Dark 4-H.

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