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- 4/6/2016 4:49pm

@Mulemai Selenei hmmmmmmm, i uhhh just asked my friend, and it seems that they do not have that type of water! umm, ill just have to empty the entire fountain, uhh, i have ways of doing that, but thank you! um, i will try to uh not have the guards be killed, so i may try to make a few cakes that will put them to sleep, as gnoll guards are very gullible at times uh

Terror Bean
- 4/6/2016 10:08pm

Hey I used to work at the Goldentouch, @Mulemai Selenei. I didn't know it struck such fear into the hearts of the Red Pumas. They used to come into the place with their leather jackets and their motorcycles parked outside and order breakfast just like everybody else. I was just a dishwasher but sometimes I had to bus and I'd see them at the counter, digging into their butter and waffles like everybody else.

I guess it's true we were Breakfast Alchemists. And that syrup. YUM!

- 4/7/2016 2:56am

@Terror Bean wow, ummm, thats really interesting! actually, maybe, uh, maybe you would like to join us in our stealing of the delicate skeleton of a young batfish deer? maybe you could flash uhh some identification of you used to being at goldentouch, in case uh that get "fishy" heh, of us coming in....even if its old, it would help a bunch

also, @Mulemai Selenei , i uh went to the museum at midnight *as i could not um sleep* and decided to check everything out there. ummm, so they have uh added more guards to the protection of the skeleton, and i think that uh we should use butterfly suits like you said from the first plan, as those make it hard to get attracted to certain things like fools gold, and also makes it so our fingertips will be incredibly delicate so we do not break uhhh the skeleton. also, um, i think we should set up a distraction while the guards are switching out so we um have a higher chance of us getting the skeleton.

Mulemai Selenei
- 4/7/2016 9:15am

@xiirth The Butterfly Suits are almost finished, I'll have them for you tonight, unless you'd like to postpone the heist to another time.

And I have an idea for a distraction. We should send the Ghoul from the Tarot Room into the museum to wreak havoc and keep the guards occupied.

@Terror Bean the Red Pumas only recently developed their fear of the Goldentouch when the boss filled their bikes' engines with syrup after they refused to pay for their meals. The bikes became sentient and began attacking the Red Pumas. The Boss rounded up the bikes for future use in case he needs to threaten the Red Pumas again.

- 4/7/2016 11:24am

@Mulemai Selenei no, tonight will uhh work with me, and that sounds like an umm great distraction but i uh suggest adding syrup into the mix to slow them down if they uh chase after us. or maybe we could somehow get those bikes from the Boss to maybe scare them even more....

Terror Bean
- 4/7/2016 2:23pm

Ah, Leo. The manager at the Goldentouch. I remember him fondly. He knew we got paid crap so he turned a blind eye to us taking a few things home from the walk-in now and again.

I always grabbed the biggest and fluffiest pieces of Texas Toast. I'd tie them to the roof of my VW like mattresses and drive out to the park and fly them like kites. Nothing like soaking up the rays in the park with a few pieces of giant Texas Toast hanging way up high up in the air, tethered to the ground with super strong twine.

- 4/7/2016 2:34pm

@Terror Bean huh, that sounds ummm very lovely! but uhhhhhh, would you like to join the club? you dont have to, but it would be nice to have your old connections to Goldentouch, or maybe even if you just came in to help every once in an um while, but thank you either way!

- 4/7/2016 5:50pm

i just learned you can buy steel. now i feel kind of dumb trying to make my own for steel golems. on the bright side, rusty the failed golem is now a toaster, so i guess its recycling?

Terror Bean
- 4/7/2016 10:46pm

You should not recycle Rusty, @Beck! Instead he should join the Twenty Minutes Breakfast Club with me and @xiirth! A Toaster Golem would be perfect for our "breakfast alchemy," and definitely be a big help because speed is such an important factor (obviously) in the twenty minute breakfast.

Plus, with your own toasting shirt, we'd TOTALLY have toast covered. And it's an important base - one of the four ancient elements of the western breakfast, in fact.

- 4/8/2016 2:05am

@Beck yeah!!! @Terror Bean , that's ummm such a great idea! maybe the club should incorporate breakfast uh into whatever were doing, as it seems like a fun experiment

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