Snow at Psy High

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Jack Frost
- 12/20/2018 9:55pm

Good evening ladies! Gentlemen! SnowMen! Snow geese! Icicle bats! And everyone in-between!

I’m fully ch-ch-chilled to welcome some VERY special guests joining us in the Crystal Throne Room Theater tonight. They're students. They're explorers. They're residents of a dimension of unthinkably high temperatures! It's @Hana Song, @Vina McCulloch, and the curiously familiar @Frosty Lad! All frozen into our special Icee-Boi lounge thrones here to enjoy the show!

Well, Hana and Vina are nicely frozen into their seats, but this @Frosty Lad seems a bit squirmy... and there's something familiar about his icy blue skin and lack of foggy breath. For now my SnowMen will restrain him while they all enjoy the show.

So now let me introduce to you... the Waltz of the Iridium Snowflakes! The Magic Castle on the Mountain of Sub-zero Sweets! And the insatiably ravenous Sugar-Plum Fairy! WE OFFER THESE TREATS TO YOU, OH SUGARY PLUM ICE DEMON!

Hana Song
- 12/21/2018 8:39pm

Dear. Vina and frosty

I don't know if you lived the collapse or not but rest assured im back at my dorm. As you recalled I used a lighter to free. My self before the demon attack casting a fire ball into the stage. Causing the walls to melt. Then the wall collasped putting a barrier between you guys and me ... Luckly the exit was right behind me. So I left.... Goodbye friends...

Hope your still alive
-Hana Song

Ps never snoop through my stuff again!!

Frosty Lad
- 12/26/2018 7:35pm

“So how’s it going, @Vina McCulloch?”

“Still with me, Vina?”

“Staying frosty?”

@Vina McCulloch hasn’t said much since we escaped the cataclysm in the throne room. In fact, she hasn’t said anything at all. That’s because I’ve had to leave her entombed in the “ice throne” that @Jack Frost put her in.

When the fireball hit and @Hana Song escaped, I hopped on Vina’s the ice brick and rode it out of the crashing Ice Theater like a toboggan, zooming through tunnels and over precarious bridges of ice, deeper and deeper into the frozen caverns of this dimension. Leaving Vina in hibernation was the only way to keep her alive in this sub-zero land.

So why haven’t I succumbed to these freezing temperatures? Why do I feel better than I ever have eve since I arrived? Why do I feel at home?

Because I am home.

Seeing @Jack Frost’s minions with their blue skin and control over the powers of cold made it obvious that I was not alone, and that the Earth was never my home. And why I'm so different from my parents.

I am a SnowMan. A native of the Wonderland of Snow. This is my true home.

Little Jimmy Winters
- 12/28/2018 1:30pm

Did I tell you I like snow globes? I have a new snow globe with my favorite friends inside of it! There's a little tiny @Frosty Lad with his frosty blue skin and a little tiny @Vina McCulloch encased in ice, hiding in a little ice cavern. They are so cute! Especially when you shake it and make the snow fall all around.

I'm going to keep them there forever.

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