Snow at Psy High

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Little Jimmy Winters
- 12/28/2018 1:30pm

Did I tell you I like snow globes? I have a new snow globe with my favorite friends inside of it! There's a little tiny @Frosty Lad with his frosty blue skin and a little tiny @Vina McCulloch encased in ice, hiding in a little ice cavern. They are so cute! Especially when you shake it and make the snow fall all around.

I'm going to keep them there forever.

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Frosty Lad
- 12/26/2018 7:35pm

“So how’s it going, @Vina McCulloch?”

“Still with me, Vina?”

“Staying frosty?”

@Vina McCulloch hasn’t said much since we escaped the cataclysm in the throne room. In fact, she hasn’t said anything at all. That’s because I’ve had to leave her entombed in the “ice throne” that @Jack Frost put her in.

When the fireball hit and @Hana Song escaped, I hopped on Vina’s the ice brick and rode it out of the crashing Ice Theater like a toboggan, zooming through tunnels and over precarious bridges of ice, deeper and deeper into the frozen caverns of this dimension. Leaving Vina in hibernation was the only way to keep her alive in this sub-zero land.

So why haven’t I succumbed to these freezing temperatures? Why do I feel better than I ever have eve since I arrived? Why do I feel at home?

Because I am home.

Seeing @Jack Frost’s minions with their blue skin and control over the powers of cold made it obvious that I was not alone, and that the Earth was never my home. And why I'm so different from my parents.

I am a SnowMan. A native of the Wonderland of Snow. This is my true home.

Hana Song
- 12/21/2018 8:39pm

Dear. Vina and frosty

I don't know if you lived the collapse or not but rest assured im back at my dorm. As you recalled I used a lighter to free. My self before the demon attack casting a fire ball into the stage. Causing the walls to melt. Then the wall collasped putting a barrier between you guys and me ... Luckly the exit was right behind me. So I left.... Goodbye friends...

Hope your still alive
-Hana Song

Ps never snoop through my stuff again!!

Jack Frost
- 12/20/2018 9:55pm

Good evening ladies! Gentlemen! SnowMen! Snow geese! Icicle bats! And everyone in-between!

I’m fully ch-ch-chilled to welcome some VERY special guests joining us in the Crystal Throne Room Theater tonight. They're students. They're explorers. They're residents of a dimension of unthinkably high temperatures! It's @Hana Song, @Vina McCulloch, and the curiously familiar @Frosty Lad! All frozen into our special Icee-Boi lounge thrones here to enjoy the show!

Well, Hana and Vina are nicely frozen into their seats, but this @Frosty Lad seems a bit squirmy... and there's something familiar about his icy blue skin and lack of foggy breath. For now my SnowMen will restrain him while they all enjoy the show.

So now let me introduce to you... the Waltz of the Iridium Snowflakes! The Magic Castle on the Mountain of Sub-zero Sweets! And the insatiably ravenous Sugar-Plum Fairy! WE OFFER THESE TREATS TO YOU, OH SUGARY PLUM ICE DEMON!

Frosty Lad
- 12/16/2018 10:24pm

I'm not sure how much longer @Vina McCulloch can hold on. I try to keep her moving, finding our way back to where we docked our snowflake ship, but I can't find my way through these tunnels of ice and I think we're just getting more and more lost.

Her teeth are still chattering, and I guess that's a good sign. I don't produce any natural body heat, and my powers only allow me to create more ice and low temperatures. No naked snuggle time to save her life, even if we had a sleeping bag. And I can't make a fire. All I could do was give her all my clothes to wear.

Now the Snowmen are on our tail. I thought our luck had turned when we entered the great ice cavern, filled with sound and light, but we entered right into the middle of a great snowball fight! We were soon spotted and all the Snowmen chased us deeper into the tunnels. For awhile Vina was better, because of the adrenalin I imagine, but we didn't bring more than a bag of Haribo Starmix, and I don't think it's a good idea for her to keep eating ice and snow.

Even if we can find @Hana Song I'm not sure we could find our way out.

Hana Song
- 12/15/2018 10:23pm

How long have I been up here? Days,weeks,months? It doesn't matter Im quickly running out of rations. And clean water.I'ts Freezing in here and Im not sure where or how to get back. I see A red light a couple miles from here it looks like a door. Maybe that's the exit! Or maybe something more sinister...

-Your determined companion
Hana Song

Vina McCulloch
- 12/12/2018 9:21am

I let myself into @Hana Song‘s room and went through her books, looking for clues on how she reached the Morozko 7. That girl sure loves her books. The Snowy Day, the Snowman, Smilla’s Sense of Snow, Doctor Zhivago (I think that last one is like a Russian Doctor Who). Her big windows were open to the snow outside, snow blowing in mixing with all the little bits of paper from all the cut out snowflakes she made with paper and scissors. There was also a microscope, a mini fridge in defrost mode, and a bunch of spare parts from psychic robotics class.

Luckily she left a handy diagram and her conjuring circle was still in place, so I recruited @Frosty Lad to grow us a big snowflake, as big as a flying carpet, incorporating various diodes and switches and automatic governors into its crystal structure. Then we flew it out the window.

The school is a beautiful sight from the air at night, silent under its blanket of snow. No shortage of levitators and broomstick-riders taking it in. Almost knocked one out of the sky as we shot toward the Morozko 7.

Docking was no problem, but where is @hanna Snow? The control deck was abandoned. There’s a big door opened to a snowy hall with a breeze blowing through, so @Frosty Lad and I are heading in, hollering for @hanna Song...

Janitor Pete
- 12/9/2018 9:18pm

It would be real helpful if all students would update their School Rules & Policies manuals and read them carefully. If you do, you'll note under Section C, paragraph 4.3 (and the indicated table at Appendix 99quoff Bmaven), a list of areas of campus currently off limits, including VLO (very low orbital) Platforms like the decommissioned weather-control satellite Morozko 7, created to provide ambiance as part of the Very Victorian Christmas gala of 2016. It had since been mothballed, and off-limits to all Psyhigh students.

While we've all been enjoying the flakes, @hanna Song has not only been trespassing in an exclusion zone but she's also been trapped there for a few days. Many of you have been asking why we haven't rescued @hanna Song sooner, but this is why Morozko 7 is off-limits. Not only does the Psyhigh Facilities Dept. not have ladders high enough to reach it, even our hover-mowers could not hope to dock with it at their highest altitude.

This is because Morozko 7 is not an orbiting ship. It is, in fact, an exposed Crystal Energy Point (CEP) of the Wonderland of Snow Dimension, an icy universe under the control of Jack Frost himself! Thus, the Morozko 7 is not actually an orbital platform, but the exposed corner of an entirely different dimension. As such, it cannot be reached by helicopter, levitation, flying broom, or even @Tara Yau's Flying Bike Club! Holy cross-over potential!

Not only that, but because of the quantum-refractive nature of the CEP, shards of @hanna Song are being split off, like the colors of the rainbow, into additional reflections of herself. I speak of course of @hanna, who has unknowingly appeared as one of @hanna Song's reflections. We can only expect more of these as more of the sun's rays pass.

It is unclear how exactly @hanna Song was able to reach the Morozko 7 portal, but was evidently the combination of technical know-how and witchcraft, and at this point the Psyhigh Facilities Dept. has been unable to achieve the same result.

WHAT THIS MEANS is, while the Morozko 7 remains off-limits to students... uh... can any of you students help? The school will temporarily ease the sanctions of visiting this exclusion zone if student-led rescue missions commence.

It's our hope that @hanna Song stays put in the control room of the Morozko 7. Wandering into any of the doors and halls leading from the control room will lead her more deeply into the icy, maze-like caves of the Wonderland of Snow Dimension, in which she could be lost forever... or even lead her to the throne room of Jack Frost himself!

In the meantime, we'll get the snowblowers out.

- 12/9/2018 7:37pm

i am so confused rn what is this

Hana Song
- 12/6/2018 8:41pm

Attention students, If you see rapid falling ice flakes that whould be me. I teleported to the machine thanks to Vina for spotting it out for me. I replaced the....outdated thermal hardware with temporary cooldown drive and its back and running again! The snow should be nice so enjoy . One problem though, I'm stuck up here and it keeps getting colder!

Help !
-Hana Song

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