Psychic Groundskeeping

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Janitor Pete
- 7/4/2020 10:13pm

Campus grounds are in need of their sesquicentennial overhaul and maintenance. The Psyhigh Groundskeeping Dept. apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause to summer students’ daily routines and to the summer activities schedule.

During this routine maintenance, students and non-groundskeeping staff are required to remain inside the clearly marked habitrail tubes connecting school buildings. If you must travel outside the clearly marked habitrail tubes level IV protective clothing and mind-shield equipment must be worn at all times.

Thanks for your compliance!

The Psyhigh Groundskeeping Staff

Ms. Hazeltine
- 7/6/2020 8:46pm

Oh dear. As per the all-school note from the Psychic Groundskeeping and Field Maintenance Department, apparently all Summer Activities (Outdoor) must be temporally curtailed. You can check out the memories you would have had in the Plausible Memory Banks in the library.

During this hiatus, please observe all YELLOW PSYCHIC DANGER TAPE and do not venture into the yards and gardens. Under any circumstances.


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

Jacqueline Eavesdrop
- 7/7/2020 10:22pm

I heard that they are removing the statues of all the Psychic Heroes. But they are also digging up the statues of the old Psychic Heroes that they buried last time, and putting those up to instead. And then burying these heroes to use them next time.

But wait there are no Psychic Heroes!

Alabaster Hart
- 7/8/2020 11:26pm

So if you qualify for Psychic Work Study, you can sign up with the grounds crew and help with the lawn care and excavation and stuff. Since I'm stuck on campus this summer I figured I might as well. You should join me! More hands make idle work!

They give you a yellow helmet and an orange vest and a haunted shovel and everything.

Dusty Green
- 7/10/2020 11:32pm

Hey I got registered for summer groundskeeping duty and start Saturday morning but can’t remember from orientation if we’re supposed to bring our own lunch or if it will be provided.

Come to think of it I can’t remember anything from orientation. Anything at all....

Jacqueline Eavesdrop
- 7/14/2020 8:17pm

I heard that there are tunnels. Newish tunnels for the Backbone of the Psychic Internet. Older tunnels from when they were making bunkers for everyone to live underground. Even older tunnels used by bootleggers and cave people and sabertoothed bears.

I heard that the groundscrew keeps their ground screw there.

Alabaster Hart
- 7/15/2020 10:33pm

Hi ho, hi ho it’s off to work we go again, all lined up in our yellow miner hats and picks and haunted shovels. Good thing I love exploring the caves of the unknown!

Dusty Green
- 7/18/2020 4:10pm

No w I remem ber memberembr what we’re not supposed to be remembering about our jobs! It’s about inhabiting those caves of green. We’re getting acclimated for something. There’s lots of digging and a team of archeologists always making some new finding, but it’s all for show, I think. They’re just trying to keep us diary archers distracted while our minds relax and expand to fill the reality differential. Then they’ll REALLY put us to work.

But it gets harder and harder to remember from way out here.

Evelyn Sapph
- 7/20/2020 12:07pm

My father told me of a basement that collapsed near campus when he was my age. Whatever happened to it?

Jacqueline Eavesdrop
- 7/21/2020 8:38pm

I heard that it was at the height of the psychic grunge era, @Evelyn Sapph, and there was a band practicing in that cellar and they broke a hole in reality. Only the drummer survived, and I heard that now he works for the Psychic Groundskeeping Crew.

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