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Psychic Groundskeeping
7/29/2020 9:02pm

I have a very important announcement to make. After years of personal research (visibly drawn on the walls of the tiny shack the groundskeeping department has provided me to live in these many years), the remains of the lost members of Brain Hole have been recovered.

Singer/guitar player Kent and bassist Bobby Jim were lost when we achieved the pinnacle of heaviness (and may have accidentally discovered the mythical “Brown Chord” years before 21st century bands) and were caught in an implosion of psychic gravity never before measured by science.

This psychic hyper-gravity well collapsed their bodies into ultra-dense carbon miniatures of themselves, each roughly eight inches tall but retaining their original mass. And Bobby Jim was a big guy.

Perhaps a combination of the electromagnetism in their instruments and the psychic fire in their blood is what kept them from being completely swallowed by the sonic singularity.

I would like to thank the summer work study deep excavation team for their help in recovering these remains, which are amazingly detailed, and will soon be on display in the new Garden of Psychic Heroes that which will be officially opened later this summer.

Thank you.

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