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Randy Bernstein
- 10/10/2015 5:26pm

Aside from the unexpected downpour, I'd say today's Intramural Flying Club was a total success!

Who could have foreseen that the landing strip would have become such a mud puddle, huh? Only three of our members require traction, not counting @Harry Berger, the observer from the National Levitation Safety Board, who was in fact standing in a designated "no standing" zone during the landing fiasco. However, we're sure that after he regains consciousness he'll been giving us a big A-OK in his report to the board.

Meanwhile, it was a tremendous turnout, and after everyone's gotten out of their muddy clothes and had a bath, we hope that you'll join your fellow flying comrades in finishing off the remainder of the cider and pumpkin spice cookies, which we'll be sharing in the McKenzie Lounge (the one with the fireplace) after dinner tonight.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Randy B.
Levitation Level IX Raptor Scout

Randy Bernstein
- 12/27/2015 6:29pm

This is GREAT weather for Intramural Flying Club! Especially since we have recently gained the services of a Premeditated Meteorologist. Psyhigh is lucky to have one of the brightest rising stars in Premeditated Meteorology, and he's arranging blue skies/low wind for the upcoming week!

So take advantage of our advantage, and join us for some great flying all week. Enjoy the best of Solstice Break by "taking the leap" at whatever level you're at. The airspace above the apple orchard will be reserved for beginners, but we've got clearance up to 30,000 feet within 10 miles for our advanced members.

Meet us at 11am every day this week in the apple orchard! Hope to see you there.

Randy B.
Levitation Level IX Raptor Scout

Randy Bernstein
- 12/29/2015 12:58am

Well, this post is coming a bit later than I'd have liked. Got caught in a Majnoon and it didn't let me go till Paducah. There was a whole bunch of Conscious Wind activity blowing into Paducah from all directions - Jawnaws, Jannins, Chinuks, Zetters. I had to wait it out in the coffee shop on Murray State campus till it all blew over, and then it was me-powered all the way back. AND BOY ARE MY ARMS TIRED.

But seriously folks, @Dylan, our Premeditated Meteorologist, can't be held responsible for an invasion of mischievous air elementals! I heard he did an excellent job of keeping things sunny, fair, and clear here on our campus.

Join us again tomorrow at 11am in the apple orchard!

Randy B.
Levitation Level IX Raptor Scout

Randy Bernstein
- 12/29/2015 2:17pm

Today was certainly smooth sailing for Intramural Flying Club - at least if you stayed beneath the massive ice dome accidentally created by Dylan, our Premeditated Meteorologist, when his warm air mass came in contact with the super-chilled hyper-moist air mass above it.

The ice was mighty clear, so there have been some broken noses and goose eggs and mild concussions, which just underscores the need for proper gear when flying - helmets, gloves, shoulder pads, the whole shebang.

Be safe! Fly high!

Meet us all again in the apple orchard at 11am tomorrow morning for more beautiful Solstice Break intramural flying!

Randy B.
Levitation Level IX Raptor Scout

Randy Bernstein
- 12/30/2015 2:32pm

Some unanticipated gusts today - Premeditated Meteorologist Dylan was a little off his game. I'll be scheduling a performance review with him about----

NO WAIT!! STOP!!! *I* AM Randy Bernstein! FROM THE FUTURE!!! I got blown in from this Friday on a particularly strong wind. And I am here to tell you: DO NOT LET @Muy Petunia attempt the double barrel axel roll over the apple orchard tomorrow!! The HORROR! The TRAGEDY!! In fact, under no circumstances let @Muy Petunia anywhere near Intramural Flying Club tomorrow, no matter how much she pleads. I bring you this warning FROM THE FUTURE!!!

....well, thank you, uh, Randy from the future. I, uh... I think I better contact @Lydia Raivata, or someone from Time Team, like @Nova Toaster....

Muy Petunia
- 12/30/2015 7:02pm

wut? i dont even lik 2 fly.

i m 2 fly!

c u 2mror

Nova Toaster
- 12/30/2015 11:46pm

have no fear, @Randy Bernstein - the time team is here!

or, at least me and morgan. kelli said she'd show up to help secure the scene, and i'm sure she'll make it, but abbey's phone is probably dead, and red team is doing a charity work in duluth over the new year, and green team is still suspended...

but morgan and i are highly trained in temporal anomalies and plurality situations, and we're assuming complete control of the entire apple orchard area. we are also strictly controlling who goes in and who goes out. morgan's already set up the dilation monitors and perimeter tape.

and we'll have to watch both of you very closely, @Randy Bernstein. we're not sure yet how this should play out, so the most important thing for EVERYBODY is to ACT NATURAL! don't not do something that you ordinarily wouldn't not do. or something like that. we want to create as little additional turbulence in the time streams as possible.

which means, go with the flow! it'll all work out fine, i'm sure.

goooooooo TIME TEAM!

Muy Petunia
- 12/31/2015 3:16pm


Randy Bernstein
- 12/31/2015 4:11pm

It was HORRIBLE! The terror from the skies!!! The PUKE!!!

It was just like me from the future said. We couldn't stop @Muy Petunia from taking flight. She just wasn't ready for it -- she's barely rated Level I -- and there's no way should should have attempted the double barrel axel roll over the apple orchard. The air sickness got to her, and she lost it. And she had had a huge breakfast apparently.

Premeditative Meteorologist Dylan was having a hard time controlling the breezes, which only distributed Petunia's emissions more thoroughly over all of us. The disgusting rain of vomit soaked everything in the area. EVERYTHING.

@Nova Toaster and Morgan were in their HQ tent, debriefing me from the future, so they were spared. I was in the open-air control tower, trying to talk Petunia down, and I'm afraid I got the worst of it.

There's no way this can be allowed to happen. Even once. I need to find a way back into the past and prevent this from happening. Tonight I'll be studying the wind pattern diagrams and the time stream sigils and with Dylan's help, I must find a way to blow myself back into the past and prevent this tragedy from ever occurring.

Tomorrow's Intramural Flying Club is cancelled. Like anyone would want to fly over this barf strewn wasteland. I will take to the skies and the winds of time and make this right.

Randy B.
Levitation Level IX Raptor Scout

Nova Toaster
- 1/3/2016 5:20pm

in Time Team, we're taught not to rely on concepts like "fate" and "predestination." because you can change the future - just ask @morgan belliwig.

but other morgan (original morgan) and i were pretty sure how @Randy Bernstein's problem had to work itself out. it's like water in a stream, moving around rocks and eddies. things can sometimes move against the flow, but they're most likely to swirl back around and ultimately take the path of least resistance.

and we knew that randy had to take that trip back into the past. which is why we helped him and punk weatherman dylan to create TIME STORM 2000! not that it had anything to do with the year 2000. that we know of. it just sounded cool.

so we used our equipment to help dylan make a gust of wind massive enough to blow randy back to last wednesday. that was on friday, and as you know the gust was SO strong it took all of psyhigh offline for two days! chrono-magnetic pulse. it happens. ;)

anyway, that means we're back to just the one, the only, @Randy Bernstein! we're real sorry he wasn't able to avoid the gastric tragedy of @Muy Petunia's flight, but we're not saying it was "fate" or anything. it's just one of those rocks in the stream we just used to boomerang things back to a healthy and predictable flow of time.

all's well that ends well! gooooooooooo TIME TEAM!

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