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- 1/4/2022 5:46pm

After 2 years of research into mushrooms, I found a specimin with glowing gills. After this discovery, I went to research it's properties. It is toxic to most, yet when consumed by certain beings, it increases the speed of sound and light produced by said being. I might bring this to the drum circle. JACK RIP might have a fun time with it.

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Caleb IV808
- 12/28/2021 11:33pm

Setting up the lights for the show this Friday night and it's going to be awesome. When things really get going, you won't be able to tell the forest animals from students. I'm also in charge of keeping the door propped open so the forest animals can get in to the dance. Because if you don't let them in, that's when the trouble starts.

I still don't know what the debate about socks is all about. I don't see anybody keeping their socks on at this show. Or anything else! Just remember to hydrate.

Beatrice B
- 12/21/2021 10:48pm

Preliminary set list for our Sock Hop show:

Terrorizing Mine Shaft Ride
Purple Diaphorous
Niji No Ue Kara Shouben
Einstein Chip
Pleiades Sequence

Encore: Rockin' Bones (traditional - ft. Jack Rip)

That should be just under three hours.

Prefect Alan
- 12/20/2021 3:10pm

Fantastic to have you on the team. We still haven't settled the sock vs tentacle debate, maybe you could scare them into a decision?

Lia Bezos
- 12/16/2021 12:47pm

Super excited for our first gig! @Ms. Hazeltine said I could join the planning committee too. She said it's her way of saying sorry about the splatterball thing. We're still deciding on the theme, though. @Prefect Alan and some other students are trying to decide *cough* arguing *cough* between a more traditional penguin masquerade and an "imagine the theme" thing? I'm not sure what that is, but it sounds cool.

See ya!

Beatrice B
- 12/15/2021 4:48pm

Looks like the psychic drum circle has a chance to "go legit" -- we just accepted the Year End Sock Hop gig, so we'll be jammin' in the gym on... whatever night that is. Is it a New Year's Eve party? If so, I should ask @Prefect Alan for more money.

I will say it is hilariously typical (and tragic) that even after saying they want to make the year end sock hop more inclusive, what do they name it? THE YEAR END SOCK HOP!! I mean, names matter, people! It just makes me want to play my drums harder.

Anyway, this means the campus security dorks should start leaving us alone when we practice, which will make things a lot easier in terms taming JACK RIP and the woodland creatures. New recruit @abbi is doing a great job on the bongos, which @Caleb IV808 has rigged up to the psychotronic lighting rig mounted on his truck, Caleb Jr.

Beatrice B
- 12/10/2021 8:35pm

We've kept the psycops pretty busy, moving around to a new location every night. But we can't keep the beats quiet, so we'll keep drumming and I guess they'll keep coming. @Lia Bezos suggested we study echolocation and project our drumming ventriloquist-style to confuse our position, so she's been working on that.

Even with all the disruption, we're making better and better friends with the light being. Its name is Terri. But I call it JACK RIP because how how it leaps and streaks through the sky, bounding and dancing. Like lightning in human form. It's always super cool till the psychops come.

Just follow the beat or ask someone who knows, and see you tonight!

- 12/6/2021 10:16am


Beatrice B
- 12/5/2021 9:36pm

We were all pretty surprised about what happened last night, and it's not fair that pshigh security shut down the drum circle.

The animals are harmless. Especially when they're mesmerized by the beat like that. They've been coming out for nights, slinking out of the woods in their slow procession -- bunnies, skunk, foxes, deer, and even the bear -- and lining up in rows like that because they're attracted to the rhythms which means they LIKE them right?? When do you ever see that kind of solidarity in the woodland creatures? (I mean, when they're not banding together to prevent ecological destruction of the forest, and who can blame them for that?)

But in terms of that other thing our drum circle called up -- that "light being" or whatever they're calling it in the school paper -- it was friendly too, ok? Things didn't get out of hand till those psychic rent-a-cops appeared with their bullhorns and spotlights and killed the generator on the PA system. All that mayhem that happened after was THEIR fault, not ours.

Drum circle will continue in an undisclosed location. And if you're welcome you already know where that is.


Caleb IV808
- 12/3/2021 4:38pm

Yo Caleb here from psyhigh’s student award winning clone strain and I’m bringing my machines to drum circle tonight and we can amp everybody through my truck, Caleb Jr.

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