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Burning Questions
1/14/2022 7:16am

Email from Ms. Gondola to her Practical Psychic Philosophy students, dated November 6th 2020

Hello students!

Since yesterday school was canceled due to the whole Destielgate thing, I thought I'd just tell you the main project of the year in an email, because that is a logical and compassionate thing to do. It will be: Figure out the answer to a philosophical question using your practical psychic powers! From the trolley cart problem to if a God exists, just go absolutely ham! Also you have to have a partner because I am Sick and Sadistic.

If you have any questions, I'm going to SAY email them to me but if you do I'll ignore them because I think that this is pretty self explanatory.

Ms. Gondola


Main Project for the Thing

Hey Zac
Was wondering which philosophical question you wanted to do. I don't really have an opinion either way. It just sounds fun.



Main Project for the Thing

we shud do the boat 1 yknow. how many wud til not same boat.

10/5/2021 2:59pm

Dear Diary,

So yesterday I know I haven't been writing recently. But I've been hanging out with Zac every day!! It's so great. When I came here I didn't think I'd make any friends but I did on the first day!! He's so cute. All the time. Nnnnnnnnnnghhh.
I'm making time to write this down because yesterday we went on our first date!!! It was to a school game. I don't remember what for. I only really remember that nobody was moving aside from occasionally screaming at the referee. I was much more focused on Zac.
Did you know he grew up on a farm? He loves watching butchering videos. He wants to be a butcher. When I first saw him watching them I was weirded out but it's fine.
We shared popcorn. Our hands have touched so many times it was so amazing.
I told him I was cold and he gave me his jacket. It's green. I wore it today at school. Something weird though: I accidentally ripped it and he said it was alright and he could repair it. He said his parents were tailors and they taught him how to fix stuff. But he said he grew up on a farm? I'm only remembering this now though I guess, cause right after he said that he held my hand and I couldn't think of anything else.
So I guess I'll try to update this more often. Bye.

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9/5/2021 12:37pm


Dear diary,

Yesterday I made a friend in my Practical Psychic Philosophy class. His name is Zac. When I walked in the room, there were no other seats, so I had to sit next to him.

He looked kinda judgy at my hair, and I was thinking, oh no, is he one of those people that is against colored hair for some reason? Will I have to sit next to him all year? And then he stared at my backpack all judgy, too. It was the red one with little pink cupcakes I've had forever. The look on his face- I knew in that moment I was done for on my first day. I would sit next to him all year, and every day him and all his friends would call me bleach hair and throw trash at me and beat me up after class and I'd have to drop out and I'd spend my life living under a bridge eating canned beans this can't be happening-

Then he smiled. He has a nice smile. I mean, who doesn't? Their real smiles, I mean. But lots of people hide their real, happy smiles, so you get a lot of bad smiles out there. More like grimaces. But he looked... so happy! So genuinely happy! I was floored.

He said, "I like your hair." When you have unusual hair, you get a lot of compliments on it. You also get a lot of, 'Wow, it's so... blue...' comments from people who think you can't tell they want to go at your head with a lawnmower. But his compliment was different. It seemed like it wasn't something he said to be nice, or because it was the elephant in the room, or as a gateway to a conversation. He said it because he meant it. I thought it was sweet.

"Thanks, I like your shirt." I said. And I did! I do! It had the Welcome to Nightvale logo on it.

"Yeah? You listen to it?" He asked.
"Yeah. I like supernatural junk. Well," I said, waving my hand around, "obviously, since it's my life."

He laughed. Angels cried in joy.

"I do too. I'm Zac, Zac Brown." He held out his hand. Oh my God he held out his hand. The realization just hit me like a bus. I touched his hand. I'll end this quick so I can go cry.

I took his hand. It felt like electricity was flowing through my veins. And not because he was using one of those joke-shock buttons. He would never.

"I'm Wendy, Wendy Smith."

Did you know that some of the most common last names are things like Smith, Fletcher, and Farmer because they were occupations? In that moment, I didn't. I think he does. I'll have to ask. Yes! Something to bring up next time I see him!

"Nice to meet you, Wendy." He smiled. He shook my hand. I was hooked. I still am hooked. Oh God, on the first day? Wendy, what ARE you doing?

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