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9/14/2021 10:32pm

Hanging out at Lake Logres Resort and Spa with the APSA kids has been super chill. Even in light of the abduction. It was probably just some kind of hazing ritual.

@Jenny Ondioline and I and a bunch of the other kids have been hanging out around the resort, and the indoor/outdoor infinity pool, or on the little mountain trails. It's beautiful this time of year, and crazy that we get to miss the first weeks of school just so we can be a part of this cool club!

Jenny O is off on one of the screening appointments, which we all have. It comes up on your phone when it's your time. My first ones were about holding shapes inside of a velvet bag with one hand and pointing to a picture of the shape with the other. I liked those because they were easy.

But now they're getting harder... like, you have to put on a leotard and then learn a dance with some fancy dance instructor and then you have to go on stage and do it for a bunch of people. Or the singing coach goes though a song with you once and then you have to perform it in front of the same people. At least it looks like there's a lot of people out there. I'm terrible at signing so it was REALLY embarrassing. Jenny O said she just pretended it was karaoke.