Jenny Ondioline

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9/8/2021 4:48pm

All I saw was a flash of those green jackets, then they put a sack over my head and hauled me out of my dorm room.

Where was my roommate? Where was everybody else? Everything was deathly quiet -- except me. I was yelling and pounding the back of the very large APSA member who was carrying me over their shoulder.

Now I've been in what sounds like a truck for most of the day. And I really need a bathroom.

Is this part of the APSA initiation? Or are they just against people with colored hair for some reason?

Back to Psychic School
9/3/2021 10:53pm

I tried talking to some of those APSA students in the green jackets for help finding my classes, but they weren't helpful at all.

When I went up to some of them outside the library they just kept talking to each other like I wasn't there. And then when I found some in the cafeteria they just kept looking at their phones and wouldn't acknowledge me either (except to say I should get the app, which they could tattoo onto my skin if I wanted, somewhere in the cellars) and then there are the other ones who just hang outside the back of the gym and vape some sort of nasty alien smelling stuff.

I think the APSA are a bunch of stuck-up elitists who just lord their upper-classperson status over everybody.

So how do I join the APSA?