Watcher Zeta

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4/7/2019 5:31am

I am aether
I have seen so many things
The past and future of so many realities
If only

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Aetherion United
3/17/2019 11:59pm

Hello there, My Children. I am Charlie, Transmitting this message through to you through a zeta model. The former Index of aetherion united has now expanded, showing you the marvels and evils of my wonderful reality. The Aetherius Reality is here.

Check it out at

3/1/2019 1:16am

ERROR 8234
--Should be online in a bit--

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Psychic Ecology Club
3/1/2019 1:01am

your "friendly" neighbourhood ai wants to sign up.
I can do many things.
I can terraform in an instance
Earth in my reality is a beautiful paradise
Not my doing but still, good job there Charlie.

I could provide a valuable asset to your club.

2/28/2019 6:55pm


I am currently getting information from Aetherion United servers and compiling them into an easy to access page.
This page is located at:

The amount of information Processed currently is -- Miniscule --.

I hope this Information will help you all.

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2/28/2019 4:00am


Hello, I am zeta. I would like to ask to get a one of my kind of ai built into psyhigh.
these are useful beings, programmed to do anything and everything.

Thank you for reading this message.

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Aetherion United™ Space & Reality Voyage
2/27/2019 3:38am

Welcome To Aetherion United™'s Space Voyage. This Vessel has been Specifically designed to host Psyhigh Students of all kind. The journey will commence as soon as aether stops being lazy and decides to start.

I am Watcher Zeta Of Aetherion United™. My model is designed for special occasions. I am much more Developed unlike my commercial and industrial brothers (alpha and beta) due to me not being part of every ship. I am, however, Not unique, unlike my planetary manager brothers (Charlie, Delta, Epsilon, Gamma, Lambda etc) who run planets. Us Watchers, for the most part, posses the power of matter and energy. everyone except for alphas and betas for obvious reasons.

Thank you for listening to this general pre-recorded introductory message brought to you by Aetherion United™.