Wanda Watkins

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Psychic Ecology Club
3/7/2019 9:31pm

Sandbox 59a — Old Goldie

I am conducting my experiment in retro-time, which means I am starting from the goal (an advanced civilization with a balanced and bountiful planetary ecosystem), and then running regressive temporal algorithms to see how we get there. It’s Roget’s “backing into the numbers” approach.

The funnest part so far has been setting up the endline. The world population is many times larger than current, but you’d think it was less because of how it’s distributed, both geographically and in terms of urban design. I’ve got skyscrapers, but just for those that want to live close to each other. Plenty of room out in the country, or underwater, or on the water, or underground. 100% zero-waste, carbon neutral... production and consumption are all geared to create beneficial byproducts for the environment. Guaranteed quality of life of course too, for everybody. All manufacturing (the dull stuff at least) is automated, and the educational system helps everybody find something cool to do, if it’s designing new mega-architecture or climbing mountains or playing guitar.

Time started rolling backwards in the sandbox at 10am this morning, so DO NOT ENTER or you’ll get a nasty time shear! Viewports are open though.