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The gzoolerb∂rg
2/28/2020 11:28am

Yesterday, I had a very traumatizing experience. A gzoolerb∂rg entered my dorm, broke into my sub-reality, and kidnapped me. It then took me to another sub-reality and began to squeeze the juices out of me. As it did so, it began to replace my squeezed out juices with a special concoction it called "the Life Juice". After being refilled with the Life Juice, I feel... different. I feel like a pencil that doesn't have a tip or an eraser. I feel like a gzoolerb∂rg.

Meet Jeremy Brown
2/20/2020 3:14pm

So... I think I saw a Glosmoporph the other day, but I don't remember much from that time. Any memorimancers available to figure out what happened to my memory? I'm pretty sure memory alteration is not an ability of the Glosmoporph.