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Black Swan
3/17/2020 8:58pm

Ok so figured it was time to send another of my futures ahead. It takes awhile to build up enough energy to make them, to focus enough of me in the now to break off a piece and send it to me in the then.

I got to the dance and this time Black Swan dress code apparently meant swimsuits! Or gym wear. Which I'll tell you with all the nervous kids in there it got pretty rank till somebody switched on the fans and windows.

The PDM was more peppy than the last time. @Frozen Laurent was doing a sort of 60's woo woo space synth thing, like a Doctor Who dance remix. He had the whole attention of the audience when he brought down a beam of light from sky, right through the roof of Mesmer Hall, and out of it these tall, good looking neon people walk out. They've got these futurist cloak-togas on, and they all start dancing!

So naturally the whole crowd starts joining in, and at first it's like this big mosh pit but after awhile we start pairing off, and I'm with this blond six-foot-three woman with electric yellow skin who looks like a model and the beat is pounding and she shouts over it "Do the LANGUAGE!" and starts doing this weird ass dance move so I start doing it too, and I'm doing pretty well, frankly, and then she's all "Do the AGRICULTURE!" and flips out this whole new set of moves that are really awesome so I start doing that too. It's like you're digging a row with a hoe and then spinning around.

So it keeps going like that, "Do the RELIGION!" and we're all inscribing on tablets and "Do the LAW!" and "Do the SCIENCE!" and "Do the BUSINESS!" and the dances are getting more and more complicated, and starting to involve props.

I look around and all the other students are doing it too, but we're not in Mesmer Hall anymore, we're on some verdant planet where the air is new, each of us is the priest and law giver over a small band of tiny proto-humans, building a new civilization out of the raw materials of life on a far-away planet.

I mean, pretty cool. But who's going to water my plants? And I'd miss all my school friends. So I pulled my future back.

Not really sure that's the dance I want to go to either.

Black Swan
3/11/2020 1:41pm

I'm so psyched (ha ha get it?) for the dance coming up that I sent one of my futures ahead to check it out! I can do that -- send out future versions of myself to see what the future holds. The only problem is that a lot can happen between then and now to change the course of the future, so not everything turns out like they report.

So, I went to the dance and take note -- it's a FORMAL! I was completely underdressed!! I guess that's what Black Swan dress code means? Who knew?

Anyway, there's some kind of chill beats background, and some people were kind swaying a little, but I'd hardly call it dancing. I get invited to dance by this real pale guy I'd never seen, white tie tuxedo and some kind of red sash with medals on it. Visiting student I figure? And we start dancing and I'm watching a lot of other guys in similar suits dancing with students when all of a sudden this guy -- Karl his name is -- starts slobbering on my neck! Eeeeeew!!!! So I give him a swift kick between the legs and I look around at the crowd and it's madness. Formal wear and fighting all around! 

"VAMPIRES!" somebody yells, and the one thing I can say is thank goodness for all our Vampire training in P.E. I mean, it all seemed kind of old fashioned and dumb when they make us do that, but before you know it all that training kicks in an people are using silver platters as mirrors and busting up chair legs to use as stakes.

It all got wrapped up before too long, but that's DEFINITELY a dance I don't want to attend. If anybody's making new friends with sketchy pale guys online DO NOT invite them to the dance!!! I'll send another of my futures up ahead soon to see if anything changes.