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5/7/2018 10:15am

Apologies for the long absence, my studies and other personal endeavors have left my schedule booked up for the longest time.

I think something is out to get me, something unreal. Not a student here, I can tell, something much more beastly. I can’t get a read on its aura, but I can feel it watching me. It might be imaginary, but I’m considering some very advanced cloaking and viewing spells or something similar could be at work.

I might need to lay low for a while again, at least while I sort this out.

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12/8/2017 8:26am

I have not seen Mara Smith-Stevens in some time.

My Psy Ed class is the same as ever, but they swear they haven’t seen or imagined anything happening to her.

Her (fake) dorm is sill there as well, which shouldn’t be there if she’s gone.

I’m a bit confused, as I believe this can mean one of two things; my efforts to stop imaginary creatures pestering me have worked, or-

Well, I don’t want to talk about it. It is heavily unlikely, of course, that she could manifest physically, but the thought is gnawing at the back of my mind.

As always, information is appreciated on the topic. Carrier pigeon or online messages only please.

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11/26/2017 1:35pm

I have good news and bad news. Or, at least, good news and very puzzling news. It started today after classes, in my bedroom.

I was staring into the mirror, light swirling around me, illuminating my vision. Even my eyes were glowing a dull blue and pulsing with light.

This was my Dawning. The time when my powers as a Mage were physically manifesting for the first time. In a few seconds, I would receive a tool which I would use to channel my powers. I didn't know what it would be, but I was hoping for a crystal dagger or an ornately decorated wand. Something hip and trendy, like the all the Mages in the magizines had.

When the light in the room started to swirl rapidly, I prepared myself for my new link to the psychic world, a new era in my life, a historical event to occur. I smiled and reached out towards the light.

It was a baseball bat.

I have it now, sitting in my lap as I type. It's nice, I guess. It seems to be made of a metal that is not native to this dimension, and it's still glowing slightly even now.

But really, I have no idea if there's some symbolism behind this or what. It's a little bit disappointing after years of training, you know? I'll be talking to my Spectral Vision teacher tomorrow. For now, I need to relax. This took a lot out of me.

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11/24/2017 7:49pm

Spectral Sight 102 was great today. It feels like everyone's auras are sharper, cleaner, and much easier to see. I may not be able to see in this plane of reality, but being able to see in the spirit plane is great!

Also, I've started a new class: Intro to 19th Century Fashion, taught by an actual ghost from 1867. I really think I've made a good impression on him, considering I'm the only one who can see him.

Nothing can dampen my mood, even the presence of a certain imaginary student that shall go unnamed. For now, I'm just going to relax and hum very loudly as I try and finish my class work in peace.

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11/23/2017 4:52pm

Despite my many warnings, the completely imaginary student Mara Smith-Stevens has been pestering me whenever I study. My allergies have been acting up like crazy. Since she only exists in the collective minds of my Pys Ed class, I've been trying to convince my classmates to deny her existence and completely block her from their minds. So far, it hasn't worked. For everyone takung 3rd hour Psy Ed, please do not think about Mara Smith-Stevens; the tall, dark-haired, three-eyed girl often cloaked in purple capes and excessive amounts of gold and gemstones. She's a terrible nuisance.

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11/11/2017 1:19pm

If I've said it one time, I've said it a million times; I am allergic to imaginary creatures, humanoid or not. This is an official announcement for everyone outside of shouting distance of my dorm.

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11/7/2017 11:48am

I don't trust the new teacher's aura at all. It looks normal, sure. Purple and metallic waves of rippling plasma is quite a regular pattern among the staff here. It's the taste that I'm worried about. If any of my fellow spectral mages have any other information, feel free to contact me.

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