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Botanopsychic Summer Camp 2023
7/8/2023 8:36pm

Has anybody seen @Benjamin Beans?

We hung out in the sentient vegetable garden last night till late. It was totally secluded and the kids from Witchcraft High brought some Datura and stuff and that was cool.

But when the moon came out it got weird. It was a fat half moon, and the sentient vegetables started getting really active and waves of vines started rolling and we all got separated.

A bunch of us got together this morning at pancake brunch but still nobody’s seen Benjy. So we're gonna sneak away back the sentient vegetable garden this afternoon, when all the Vinemasters are on pancake siesta.

Come in Benjamin B!!

Botanopsychic Summer Camp 2023
6/30/2023 10:10pm

What I like about Botanopsychic Camp is the political contextualization. It's not about arts and crafts but direct action.

Like, today we learned about deconstruction, and how to help the vines tear down a building. There's an old cabin in the woods we're practicing on. The main thing is you have to learn to be real patient because it can take years.

Botanopsychic Summer Camp 2023
6/16/2023 11:45pm

You really gotta hand it to these psychic trust fund kids here for Botanopsychic Camp. If they're so "in tune with nature," why are they staying in the dorms? Why aren't they sleeping outside?

I couldn't afford the registration fee so I'm crashing camp and sleeping outside. Find me in the gardens at night!

Though my vines might find you first.