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1/11/2017 10:32pm

Charlie woke me with his chattering a few moments ago. His little reflective wings flickered and clicked together as he sat atop my journal.

I sat up after a moment, intrigued, and realized I was remembering a dream I'd just had.

Imagine yourself in a room. It's your favorite color, but slowly fades to the darkest ebony. You look down to your hands, which are spilling ichor from deep wounds etched into your palms in shapes you don't understand. Someone calls out, saying your name in a strangled way. You twist, your hands forgotten as you search for the struggling person.

No one is here, nothing is here, you wipe your hands on your pants, staining them in black as your palms calmly flow more freely. Suddenly you shake your hands, paranoid of the black fluid they secrete, afraid the cry you heard was your own.

You scream again, but your mouth is full of the bitter liquid. It tastes like metal and dirty lake water. Suddenly you're crying, and your tears are salty. They mix with the liquid in your throat and assist in drowning you.

And that's when Charlie woke me.

Gosh, that's not exactly how I remember it...

Oh well. I have class tomorrow, I should sleep again.

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1/10/2017 3:56pm

Today was without incident, thankfully. I have noticed a few strange happenings around campus...not just the bug that seems to follow me, but also flickers in my shadow and hearing voices behind me. I mean, I know that ghosts are a large part of this campus, a-and I am alright with that, but man, do I needn't get used to it.

If you're dead, and you're here, and I've jumped or yelped or ran away from you, I'm sorry...we didn't exactly have ghosts at my old school...

That's all for today. This empty room feels quieter every minute. Goodnight.

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1/7/2017 7:47pm

@Janitor Pete, I may not know who the mouse people are, but trust me when I say that I intend to avoid them. Rodents and I don't generally get along, anyway...

In other news, I had my first, uh...incident here today. It was all thanks to some stupid book falling off a shelf in the library and startling me. I jumped and adrenaline shot through my body. Before I could blink I was as tall as a pencil, and upset as well. I hadn't shrunk to the lowest I could go, but this was still a problem. Small people can't open door or check out books very well, not to mention my backpack that now rested yards above my head on a table.

Luckily, it was only an hour later when I blinked once and found myself back to normal height. Trust me when I say I wasted no time grabbing the book I needed and went to check out. Classes were over, so I hadn't missed anything, but it was stil a pain.

I'm off to dinner now, hopefully they'll have some containers to take things back to the room in.

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1/5/2017 1:24pm

It seems as if writing something in this journal makes it permanent, but I've made a mistake.

Bella Chan is not the person who gave me advice, it was @Crystal Rosethorn.

I apologize for the m-mistake, it's just like me to make one...

1/5/2017 1:20pm

Thanks, friend... @Bella Chan, your advice is good to hear. I mean, the ghost thing is a bit unsettling, but what do I know about the supernatural, right...?

So far, I haven't been able to fit in much, but I've found that people here don't...HATE me.

I don't have a roommate yet, but I have found a certain flying insect that seems to follow me around. Maybe I'm imagining it, but each time I turn around to catch something flickering in the corner of my eye, it's this little gold bug. I'm calling him Charlie.

Campus life is exciting, as I find myself often dodging things normal schools don't deal with, but it's a n-nice change of pace. I've been so preoccupied with finding classes that I haven't been changing sizes, either, which is great news.

Well, it's time to put the journal down for another day. I may go to dinner later, or maybe I'll just stick to my dorm. I guess we'll see.

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1/4/2017 5:02pm

O-oh boy, my first day in a new school...I wonder if I'll be able to fall asleep tonight.

I had just finished unpacking my belongings when I found this empty journal on my bed. It was a little strange...like, how did it get there AFTER I placed the sheet and comforter on the bed? I tried not to question it, as the first page just read "write in me."

I was sent here because of my...uh, disability? Superpower? Does s-something this lame count as a superpower?

You see, I have this affinity for...turning small. For no reason. Just, shrinking. To two inches tall. For no reason at all, either, it's stupid.

People called me "mouse boy" b-because it happens when I'm startled or something...

But this is a new start. Maybe here people will embrace this, instead of tease me for it or call me a freak. Maybe if I'm lucky, everyone here is a freak, just like me...

Anyway. I should shut this and turn then lights out. It's time for bed.

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