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8/31/2017 3:57am

I posted all my photo's on my Facebook (not telling the username for that). So that way I can remember who I met and when.

There are other places I could post them too but I am not too trusting when it comes to the darker parts of the internet and of this journal.

I could also mail you them or send you the pictures some other way, like Skype or Discord but that would require a bit more personal information (like a username) that I don't trust to put up here.

It's not that I don't trust my journal, I just don't know many people here yet and that kind of information is better left to a more secure network. If there is a place you trust on the internet we could meet there and then talk about usernames and the like.

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8/25/2017 11:06pm

I am home. Back in Canada. I missed this place lots and can't wait to go back to school. It was difficult to be away for so long but being in a scenic area, on a boat, or even in the middle of the woods, I was able to find some small comforts to push on through my summer.

I made many new friends while I was there and even took some pretty good photos. I even found some strength to push on in my studies and continue to move forward. It was a good use of my time and a pretty good experience.

On another note, the creature has started to get more noticeable in my every day life. He has been showing me things the past couple days, like book, TV shows and movies related to supernatural and extraterrestrial topics. It make me wonder if he is interested in them or if he is starting to question his existence and why he chose to be near me? Maybe he's trying to tell me something about himself or show me something that happened.

Either way, things are starting to get really interesting.

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8/7/2017 5:00pm

Sorry about not posting for a while. I have been busy figuring out my life and hanging out with my friends up in Alaska.

The creature tends to stay away from me when I am around people but when I am alone it whispers sweet nothings in my ear. I have started to wonder what the creature actually thinks of me. If it has romantic feelings for me or if it just likes teasing me.

I have told people I trust about him. Half of them make fun of me while the other half immediately decide to forget what I just said and continue with a normal conversation.

The name Aries turned out to be a new person I would meet and become friends with so his name is still unknown and he has yet to tell me. Visions of him are getting stronger to the point where I now know the color of his eyes, the way he speaks, and the touch of his hands when grabs my shoulders to tell me something important.

On another note, I have taken many pictures of the mountains, ocean, and even got a good picture of the three volcanoes here. It's so scenic here that every time I go to town, I can't help but fall in love with Alaska all over again. I will most likely move here in my later years and be happy with the tranquil scenery that surrounds me now.

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5/12/2017 9:40am

Relaxing. It is something you do when you are not doing anything else, but slowly it can turn into boredom. When excitement cannot be found to cure one of boredom, it can quickly become a mixed feeling of hunger, tiredness, and illness. It tends to happen more often than not to me. Like a daily need to eat and sleep, it stays there in the back of my mind waiting for me to relax and find myself with nothing to do. It's times like these when I catch a stomach flu or a summer cold.

On a different note, the creature and I get along pretty well. I know him well enough to know what his personality is like and the situations he grew up in but he still hasn't shown me what he truly looks like or told me his real name. I can guess it starts with an 'A' because he keeps giving me names like, Aries, Archimedes, and on the rare case Orion. He seems to like the sky and the stars as much as I do, if not a little more than I do. He keeps pointing out the brightest stars in the night sky and asking questions that I would also like to know a definitive answer to. Some examples: Who was the first person to call the stars, stars? How far will humanity get in space with upcoming technology? Will we ever find life outside of earth and it's diverse population?

If there were answers to these questions, you would only figure that there are answers to still be found or more defined answers to the sub-questions that follow. I guess for now it's just food for thought.

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5/3/2017 2:58pm

Another week of relaxing fresh air nearing an end. It's almost sad to think that every thing ends at some point in time and even though the way it ends may differ, it still ends.

There's not much going on today. Nothing that needs to be done, no one I need to see and nothing on my mind. It's almost like I am non-existent today. The only thing I can do is keep myself preoccupied for now.

Also there is nothing new on the creature front, it doesn't get any closer to me than 5 steps and it doesn't go any further than I can see. The sad part is that I am nearsighted so I can't see very far away without my glasses. The good part is that when wearing my glasses, everything is blocked out, movement, shadows, even the voices get blocked out because I focus while wearing them.

True, it's not like it bothers me to not wear them, but I tend to get paranoid when I am not wearing them because if I can't see, anything could happen.

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4/28/2017 11:09pm

I thank you for the very kind compliment @cortex. Though it's not like I showed off any of those skills in this specific journal log. If I was trying to paint a picture of something or somewhere that did not exist, I would be hosting a game of D&D (dungeons and dragons). Plus it's good to have an analytical, open, and creative mind when writing something even if it is just a letter to a pen pal, a couple of notes in class, or a journal where you keep your thoughts in that moment. Because even though it can be seen a silly by some people, it makes it easy for everyone to have a basic understanding of what the writer really means. Sorry, didn't mean to go off on a rant there.

Anyway, I would love to share with you my photo collection! It's mostly of backgrounds but I think it's really pretty.

Could it be Ghosts?
4/28/2017 10:52pm

I'm not saying that I'm bothered by the creature following me, more like I want to better understand it and it's reason for following me. When ever I am relaxed, I feel comforted by it presence but since I am not certain of who they are, what they are or even what they look like, even the most comforting of feelings and the most reassuring of words can be tainted with worry and doubt.

It may be an aggravated ghost by it hasn't caused me or anyone I know harm. It just tend to be around and borrow small moments of my thoughts and emotions. It doesn't hurt and no one really seems to notice any changes in my mood or actions, so it's not bothering anyone else. So I don't know if I would be willing to cast it and the feelings I get from it aside.

If you could find a way for me to understand it more or help me find my way to one of the libraries so that I can work the rest out myself, I would appreciate it.

Could it be Ghosts?
4/27/2017 12:08am

Has anyone ever gotten the feeling that they are being watched and heard by something near by? I always end up talking to myself when I am alone and no one's home. It's relaxing and terrifying because it feels like someone is listening to me every time I do. I even fix errors in any statements I make when I am talking to myself like I need to properly explain what it is I am thinking or trying to say. Maybe it's just me but each time it happens I always find myself listening for hours for the other creature to respond.

What really bothers me about it though is when I actually do get an answer. It's not like hearing it from someone else, more like hearing a voice that isn't mine in my head and knowing what it says to be true in my heart. Like getting information you didn't have before but knowing that the information is 100% accurate depending on what question you asked and how you phrased it.

I also get pretty confused and curious when I start to hallucinate what the creature might look like. Because I can feel what some parts are wrong and right with the body proportions and face. Then have the ability to draw it from the specifications given to me, but not accurately enough to find the creature on the street at a given time.

I pretty recently had an encounter with a male voice in my head telling me it would all be okay, they would handle everything, and that I could just sleep. It was comforting and assuring so I would fall fast asleep when I heard it. But when I tried to get details as to what was speaking to me and why, the only thing I got was a crude drawing of a creature, a not so specific time when we would meet, and partial details about himself and his race.

Now when ever I think about him, I find myself slightly worried and anxious to meet him. It's almost as if I am going on a blind date with a creature that I only know approximates about. I hope that when I do meet him this feeling will dissipate and be normal again.

So what do you think? Am I just weird or is this a pretty normal occurrence?

4/23/2017 9:54am

It's nice to finally be able to breathe and relax for a while. My sleep schedule has been messed up for the past several months. I almost fainted when I realized I didn't have to do anything for the next few weeks. I think I might end up sleeping through these next 4 weeks.

I decided to stay with my mom for a bit since I have so much free time. She live in the boonies in Canada. It's nice. There's a lot of clean fresh air here since she doesn't live near any farms or factories. Almost feels too good to be relaxing like this.

On another note, my packing for my trip to Alaska is going along well. I'll be staying with someone in Homer for 3 months. They have plans to show me the sights and all the fantastic views in Homer before showing me some other places in Alaska. It'll be really nice to hangout with my friends there and see what it's really like.

My mom keeps making jokes that this trip is gonna be like the trip in the movie 'The Proposal'. It's pretty funny. Anyway, I'm off to hangout with my mom tonight. See you all next week.

4/16/2017 5:54pm

That may be true. But I don't believe that special mean superior in anyway. Special could mean just about anything. It could mean that you favor something or someone over another, but it could also mean that something or someone has a sort of charm to them that could be endearing or repulsive.

Also if something was truly understandable we wouldn't have conflicts of interest, or complex discussions.

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