Could it be Ghosts?

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Julissa Uitvlugt
- 4/27/2017 12:08am

Has anyone ever gotten the feeling that they are being watched and heard by something near by? I always end up talking to myself when I am alone and no one's home. It's relaxing and terrifying because it feels like someone is listening to me every time I do. I even fix errors in any statements I make when I am talking to myself like I need to properly explain what it is I am thinking or trying to say. Maybe it's just me but each time it happens I always find myself listening for hours for the other creature to respond.

What really bothers me about it though is when I actually do get an answer. It's not like hearing it from someone else, more like hearing a voice that isn't mine in my head and knowing what it says to be true in my heart. Like getting information you didn't have before but knowing that the information is 100% accurate depending on what question you asked and how you phrased it.

I also get pretty confused and curious when I start to hallucinate what the creature might look like. Because I can feel what some parts are wrong and right with the body proportions and face. Then have the ability to draw it from the specifications given to me, but not accurately enough to find the creature on the street at a given time.

I pretty recently had an encounter with a male voice in my head telling me it would all be okay, they would handle everything, and that I could just sleep. It was comforting and assuring so I would fall fast asleep when I heard it. But when I tried to get details as to what was speaking to me and why, the only thing I got was a crude drawing of a creature, a not so specific time when we would meet, and partial details about himself and his race.

Now when ever I think about him, I find myself slightly worried and anxious to meet him. It's almost as if I am going on a blind date with a creature that I only know approximates about. I hope that when I do meet him this feeling will dissipate and be normal again.

So what do you think? Am I just weird or is this a pretty normal occurrence?

- 4/27/2017 3:59pm

I've been doing some research in Library 53.
(Is that its name? I've just been counting and numbering as I go.)
As I was wandering in the "Care and Keeping of Goats" section, a leather-bound book with no title intrigued me. Here's an excerpt.
"Hauntings are fairly normal. One might find that in certain Communities, one's own Energy, as well as that of the People around, has a higher Chance of attracting Ghosts. Many are quite docile Fellows, but there are some that are more aggravated in their Actions."

@Julissa Uitvlugt seems to be experiencing the more aggravated type. However, the book, which I later found out to be a very early textbook on ghosts (I am keeping it until I can find the "Afterlife" section), makes no reference as to how to deal with aggravated ghosts, much less how to meet them. If I could add a chapter I would write, "Tread lightly, and carry a big stick, for defense."

I could try to find a book on aggravated goats, but I don't think I'd need that right now.

- 4/28/2017 2:15pm

It's strangely wonderful that I'm making friends through ghosts.
@Crystal Rosethorn, who has the most beautiful name I've ever heard, met up with me today in Library 39, which I've been informed is actually the Library of Records.
Surrounded by NUFORC reports, grade reports, and most importantly, ghost reports, we traded books and began reading.
As she warned me, if the more "aggravated" goats-- I mean ghosts-- don't touch or interact with their humans, then they should be fine.
Something she didn't mention to me was a spell, written in what she told me was moon ink in the margin of page 153.
I asked her about it, and she said she had just ignored it. She thought it was a prank. I told her it looks like a spell.
"A spell for banishing ghosts?" I speculated.
"The book says there is no way to get rid of them."
"Haven't you ever read the Half Blood Prince?"
"What's that supposed to mean?" She raised her eyebrow.
"Maybe the book doesn't know everything. I mean, this was written, like, 100 years ago."
"That's a fair point, but I don't think we should be reciting shady incantations written in moon ink."
"Let's try it anyway. Contact @Julissa Uitvlugt. Maybe we can get rid of your Joseph while we're at it."

So a date was set. We're to meet in the forest exactly 24 hours from now, one hour after classes are over.
I hope the anonymous vandal has the right spell.

Julissa Uitvlugt
- 4/28/2017 10:52pm

I'm not saying that I'm bothered by the creature following me, more like I want to better understand it and it's reason for following me. When ever I am relaxed, I feel comforted by it presence but since I am not certain of who they are, what they are or even what they look like, even the most comforting of feelings and the most reassuring of words can be tainted with worry and doubt.

It may be an aggravated ghost by it hasn't caused me or anyone I know harm. It just tend to be around and borrow small moments of my thoughts and emotions. It doesn't hurt and no one really seems to notice any changes in my mood or actions, so it's not bothering anyone else. So I don't know if I would be willing to cast it and the feelings I get from it aside.

If you could find a way for me to understand it more or help me find my way to one of the libraries so that I can work the rest out myself, I would appreciate it.

Whiny Betty
- 4/30/2017 11:57am

That's scary! I've heard that even harmless ghosts tend to become belligerent over time. Some of them have been around for so long that they eventually go insane. They say this is why a lot of disembodied spirits start playing tricks to the living, as a way to keep themselves busy.
However, some might actually end up craving to experiment life again. Then they start haunting individual people, snitching thoughts and emotions here and there...and when you least expect it, they take your body, and you're left as a wandering spirit yourself!

At least, that's what we learnt in middle school... or maybe that's just what they told us so we wouldn't mess around with ghosts. I'm not sure how true this is, but please, don't sit next to me until your problem is solved...!

Crystal Rosethorn
- 4/30/2017 3:57pm

Thank you@Carlysle for the compliment about my name. @Julissa Uitvlugt,an idea. Have someone who can see ghosts draw a picture of this one,so at least you know. And keep Joseph around...I used to have a brother named Joseph,so i believe it may be him. He passed away in a tragic accident including a dragon and a tree. So sad...Anyhow,I've dug deep into the library of records,spent the whole day there actually,and found a new book on ghosts,from just two years ago.that should be of some help. I haven't read much about it,because Mrs.Robin was calling me for the DTATPS meeting...but me and @Carlysle will HAVE to look over it. Good day and good luck to you all.

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