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Completely Unsuspicious
4/15/2019 9:29pm

Mmmmmmmmph!!!! MmmmMMMMMmmmmmmph!!!

Completely Unsuspicious
3/23/2019 11:00am

Hi I am waiting for the van but I am not sure which one to get into.

There is the Grey Van Delivery Van Company Van, which delivers anything you can think of just by thinking about it. And it brought me a shovel. But I do not think it can bring me your van because it is not big enough to fit a van inside of it.

Then there is the Mystery Machine van which usually follows me around but I do not like the man who is driving it.

What time it the pick up of the van?? I am writing your customer support email but maybe it is Saturday and they are off work.

Completely Unsuspicious
3/20/2019 7:46pm

I have always wanted to visit the Jolene Avenue Graveyard, but have been afraid to drop by on my own, since I don't know anyone there.

Sign me up!

Is there a bus or something to take us there? And why do we need to hold our breath?

2/6/2019 10:48pm

I can't find my phone. Anywhere. The ringer's turned off and the locator thingy won't work but I know it's not out of power because I just had a radioisotope thermoelectric generator installed on it which uses a teeny tiny piece of Plutonium-238 so it won't run out of power for like a hundred years.

@Teosinte can you help me find my phone?

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