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Poem Collection
3/11/2021 8:10am

Hi! I'm Chasam! I'm an alter in our system! I decided to try to write a poem!


Sometimes Black

Easy To See Shapes

Wisps With A Nipping Cold

Filled With Cool Drops Of Life

Thank you so much for reading this! If you like it please let me know!

School Song Competition
2/25/2021 8:52am

Hello!!!! Sorry I've been gone for awhile! But I have this story/poem combination here! I didn't want to put it in the Poems Collection because it doesn't really fit! This is who we all felt in our system before we met!

The Awakening

Wake Up They Whisper
Wake Up To What
Wake Up To See

Eyes Have Opened
To The Screams
Of The Abyss Of Nyx

Run In They Say
Run In Where
Run Into The Dark

So I Glow And Wait
In The Dark
And The Light Starts To Fade

Come Back They Sound Different
Come Back To What
Come Back Home

I Have No Home
I Have No Face
I Only Exist In This Dark Place

But Then I Am Not Alone
Because One Comes
Then Another
One More
Once More

Then As The Final One Comes
We Are A System
Once In Loneliness
Once In Darkness
We Are A Whole

2/19/2021 9:50am

Hello @Maddie Waters! I hope you enjoy your time here! My name's Daydria!

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2/19/2021 9:50am

Hello @Maddie Waters! I hope you enjoy your time here! My name's Daydria!

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1/21/2021 8:58am

Hi @Kaia Malone! My name's Daydria and welcome to Psy High! To answer your question, I don't know what is going on on site of the school, as I am abroad, but on here you can write in journal, doesn't matter what about for instance I write poetry occasionally, make new friends, and participate in many other things! Hope that helps!


1/21/2021 6:01am

Hello @LunaOseborne! My name is Daydria and I'm so glad I can welcome you to Psy High! I write poetry and welcome people here (at least I try to.) If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I'll try to answer to the best of my abilities.


Poem Collection
12/18/2020 9:02am

Hello! I have a poem! I know that my poems have been a bit morbid lately, but, that's just my mood recently ~Daydria

Hear The Howl Of The Scorned
Hear The Cry Of The Forgotten
They Beg To Be Free Through The Veil
Thick Like Cotton

See The Flickers Of What Was
See The Flames Of Rage
Of Those Who Were Betrayed
Through The Age

Feel The Paralyzing Fear
Feel The End Of Lives
That Could've Been Saved
By The Dull Clang Of Dropping Knives

Taste The Metallic Sting Of Blood
Taste The Salty Tears Of The Wronged
Would've Been Prevented
If Not For The Endless Bloodlust

Poem Collection
12/10/2020 5:08am

Hello! I have a new one today! ~Daydria

The Deafening Silence
The Sound Of The Crickets
The Still Of A Heart
Fills My Head

The Skin Cold As Ice
The Throat In My Vice
The Struggling Of Lungs
Strengthens My Hand

The Eyes Filled With Tears
The Orbs Roll Helplessly
The Bright Optics Gone Cold
Pleases My Eyes

The Scent Of Sweat
The Smell Of Rot
The Stench Of Death
Hits My Nose

The Taste Of Warmth
The Flavor Of Copper
The Tang Of Blood
Flows Through Me

I Hear
I Feel
I See
I Smell
I Taste
All Of The Things On The Other Side

Poem Collection
12/4/2020 7:29am

I don't have a title for this one but here we go!

Eyes Open
Eyes Stare
Eyes Are Around Me

Body Jolts
Body Shakes
Body Can Feel Again

Throat Sore
Tongue Heavy
Mouth Is Wide Open

Breath Trembles
Breath Leaps
Breath Fills My Lungs

I See This All As I Look Down
I See This All As I Ascend
I See This All As I Rise

12/3/2020 6:38am

Anybody else just stay up late talking with their fellow spirits?

About: Absolutely anything at all.
Where: In the pitch black darkness so you can see them better.
Why: Because you're lonely or they just won't leave you alone (Sometimes both).

If you do let me know!


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