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Summer Session
6/11/2024 11:03pm

Here for Psychic Drivers Ed.

Have you met him? He's awesome!

Stuck at traffic signal
4/13/2024 11:42pm

I went practice driving today out at the big empty parking lots in the industrial zone north of town. I was practicing not using my hands.

Out there on the weekends there are many members of the psychic car enthusiast communit. It's a lot more low key than a psychic street takeover, but still pretty fun to watch. Mostly spinning but other hot rodding too. All no-hands stuff.

I can still smell the burning rubber. It's stuck in my nose.

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Stuck at traffic signal
2/23/2024 11:32pm

I got stuck at the traffic signal. I was sitting right there and it was my turn to change and it passed me over. Then it went through another cycle and passed me over again. And again.

That's why my car says Student Driver.