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Study Group
3/11/2022 10:30am

There are 26,000 Spingles to one USD. The 9th dimension has some pretty bad inflation. There used to be 7 Spingles to one USD, but that rate started going up when the Kemmyn'Ogg Reality Incident of 1984 caused Spingles to multiply via some sort of mitosis. This continued until Chnurrrg of Gulduk'Hai built the Spingle Space-Time Anchor. The machine costs 4 million Spingles to keep it running for one month.

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Pyramids in the Sky
3/11/2022 10:16am

The sky pyramids... They look familiar. Have I been there before? There is just... something that connects me to them but... I can't remember.

3/11/2022 10:12am

I can't remember anything before the age of 9. I'm not even sure if my real name is Cameron. My earliest memory is being dropped off at my old house by strange people --no-- things. I don't even think I'm from this planet. Those memories can't have just dissapeared. I just need to unlock them, right?


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3/10/2022 10:53am

I don't think I'm... well, human. My ears are slightly pointed. Sometimes, my appearence will change overnight. One day I look perfectly normal. I go to brush my teeth the next day and boom, my teeth are pointed.

Since I appeared in a random psyhigh basement, this has become more common. Even stranger, people see it as completely normal. I'm going to dig deeper. I want to find out what I am.


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3/10/2022 10:48am

Hey! I'm Cameron Vyzesillus. I've struggled my entire life with not knowing what I am, or why strange things happened around me. I got bullied regularly because of it. I tourtured myself trying to find the cause of it all, just for no results. Eventually, I got expelled from school. Nobody would believe me when I said I didn't mean to set the swimming pool on fire.

I kept on hopping from school to school, never staying more than a few years. Eventualy, during my fourth repitition of 9th grade, I'd had enough. Enough bullying, expulsion, and restraint. I wanted freedom. I ran away.

I always loved nature. My heart melts at the thought of ancient mountains, untouched forests, and rushing streams. Even the harshest deserts mystified me. So that's where I traveled. The isolation gave me the space I needed to explore my abilities, uncovering a particular control over plants and fire.

I looked everywhere for a peaceful place to live. I never went near towns exept for food. A few weeks ago, seeking shelter from the heat of Death Valley, I fell asleep in a cave. I woke up, planning to head out for food, but found myself in a dark corner of a basement. I made myself a handful of fire (something I've practiced for months) and looked for the exit.

When I found my way to the surface, I found myself outside the dorms. I asked a passing student where I was, and he showed me to admissions.

That's been my life up to now. It's going to be great to learn more about this stuff!

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