Tom Karst

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The Underground Sound
4/21/2022 11:18pm

It's hour number 112 since Operation Vyzesillus was launched. We're so deep in the cave system now that our only method of communication with my colleague and friend Dr. @Seketus Reed is via trained messenger rat.

"There you go! Good boy! Seketus will have a treat for you!"


Still no signs of @Cameron Vyzesillus, the Calebs, or any of the other students who were last seen playing their bongos in the upper chambers. Likely they were high out of their minds on some kind of fungus or cave gas. I'm looking for samples to take with us back to Geodia to add to my collection.

The throbbing phosphorescent crystals are, however, mesmerizing. They seem to react to the beat of our feet on the hard cold stone -- ripples of psychedelic greens and pinks fluttering through the tunnels. If there was some way to utilize this natural phenomenon to communicate with the upper chamber, it could be faster than trained rat.


Right now we're unpacking the rafts, as we've come to the source of a wide underground river. Time for some quick MRE and then we'll put in. Could this be an entrance to Agartha? The legendary city at the center of the Earth? The very one that Dr. Reed has been so hell-bent on discovering for these many years? I intend to find out.