Caleb IV3

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The Underground Sound
4/4/2022 8:22pm

During a particularly intense all-night jam session, my clone brother, Caleb IV66, was so deeply absorbed in the flashing rhythms of the crystals that he wandered off into the depths of the cave and now we can’t find him!

Is there some kind of map, @Cameron Vyzesillus? Who knows how far down this cave goes?

Clones of the Month
10/31/2021 10:00pm

Along with my test-tube besties like @Caleb IV7 and @Caleb IV9, I'm really thankful to find a school that truly accepts clones and makes them feel welcome. Plus, with the help of the school's biotechnology department we're living longer and replicating at a higher rate than ever! Thank you Psyhigh!