Caleb IV66

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The Underground Sound
4/9/2022 11:16pm

explored approximately 21 km of mostly walking passage, first climbing down a wet flowstone cascade dropping to a pool

veins of crystal are visible in the walls, pulses of light moving through them in a definite direction, which i continue to follow. nodes of squat crystalline formations appear with greater frequency -- islands of green and red and white light fill the tunnels, slowly throbbing to a beat of their own

the fish are larger here, and fling their blind, eyeless bodies from stream to stream

the water is cool, and tastes sweet

The Underground Sound
3/22/2022 10:07pm

My clone brother @Caleb IV808 is on tour with the original Drum Circle. It's not as glamorous as it sounds. They're living out of Caleb's truck, and Jack Rip is barely holding it together. He doesn't even come out for encores any more. But you know what they say about those that burn the brightest, amirite?

Anyway, I got @Caleb IV3 and @Caleb IV41 to join Cam's new drum circle, and it's a lot of fun. And because it's in a cave, it's less about fame and being popular and more about really understanding the lights and rhythms of the cave. Know what I mean? It's like music is a language, and we're talking to the earth, opening up new passageways and ways of being. Each practice we go deeper and deeper. Sometimes we're in there all night and when we come out it's dawn already and it's like a whole new reality, man.