Aubrey Holes

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The Book Report
3/3/2020 11:08pm

There's a book called CESSATION that sometimes gets assigned as a book report, but it's really dangerous and a couple years ago somebody named @Izzy stole it from the library and disappeared. So if you get assigned that book RUN!!!

10/21/2018 6:57pm

My sweetie @Meemo Skinks sure took a beating at the Happy Apple Festival. Who knew it would turn out to be a gang fight? The buses stopped rolling and the whole place was in lockdown overnight. And then the festival closed.

As far as Meemo told me, the Children of the Void were just there to have a good time, and express their First Amendment rights by unleashing the Wandering Terror on the midway. @Owwart Hingus 99b and all the other Owwart Hinguses got to visit the apples and the animals and the booths and the rides when the got jumped by a bunch of gang members. So then the Children of the Void joined in and there was a huge brawl and ultimately the other gang ran away.

I'm in his dorm room holding ice on Meemo's head and changing his dressings. They're thinking about a lawsuit.

10/7/2018 8:05pm

My sweetie @Meemo Skinks came over. He was wearing his "Void Wear" -- the fancy tactical gear with the little Children of the Infinite Void logo on them. I have to admit it's pretty fly. I asked how he could afford it and he said "yeah we get gift certificates from the head office" and they can use them at any authorized Void Wear dealer, like @K.K. Foxhart.

"I, uh, saved some for you. Enough for you to get the jacket, which is 15K/15K water resistant and breathable, so you stay drier, longer, with underarm zippers for extra venting, articulated sleeves and shoulders, and even internal media ports. Check it out."

He opened his jacket up and showed me all the features and it was really nice.

"Me HUNGRY! Me HUNGRY! Chompchompchomp..."

A chubby dark shadow man stumbled into the room. Followed by two identical chubby dark shadow men, stumbling over him.

"BACK Owwart Hingus 99c! BACK @Owwart Hingus 99b! You too 99a. Who let you out?"

"We eat our way out. Tasty bars..."

"Aubrey, I've gotta go and take this fellas back. Come by and see me!"

I've never seen Meemo act so responsible and grown up. It's really attractive.

9/27/2018 8:46am

What’s with all the cosmic annihilation preppers these days? It’s like a whole new school clique popped up overnight. They’re the ones all decked out in stylish tactical wear they bought from that old guy in the cafeteria, and they sit on the sidewalks around school huddled beneath their banners with REMEMBER scrawled on them. There’s no way you haven’t seen them.

The scary part is that with so many precogs on campus, maybe they’ve actually seen something? Are they REMEBERING something from the future? My sweetie @Meemo Skinks joined up with them and really wants me to buy some gear so I can hang out with them but I dunno. It all seems kinda dark.