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10/26/2018 5:09pm

I think it's really clear that the Children of the Infinite Void are the victims here. We just went to the Happy Apple Festival and brought @Owwart Hingus 99b and his friends so they could chew a few holes in reality and bring about The Cessation. Because isn't that what everybody wants?

We've told the PsychPolice we're interested in pressing charges against those Elvis wrestler guys, who are obviously illegal immigrants, but now they can't find them. See how useless our Earth institutions are? REMMMMEMMMMBERRRRR!!!

The whole thing has resulted in a bunch of changes at the very top levels of administration for the Children of the Infinite Void. The Musky Horned One is out, and has been replaced by a sinister hissing on the World Mindwave Network. It's really comforting, once you get used to it. We are awaiting new instructions so we can get on with The Cessation and really get the most out of our tactical void wear.

There's no rush though. The void really is infinite, and isn't going anywhere.

10/2/2018 3:38pm

I don't know why everybody thinks the Children of the Infinite Void are creepy. We're really more like a family, where we all dress the same and recite the same things at the same time. "REMMMMMMEMMMMMMMBER!" and all that. It's fun! And frankly we're all just really sensitive and vulnerable people, so it's really empowering to be a part of a club like this. I want to see if @GROTTO G.S.M. INC. would be interested in a co-sponsorship.

But maybe the best thing about the Children of the Infinite Void is our master I mean father The Musky Horned One! Horn-ED is how you say it. They say we'll get to meet him soon, but for now he's just an oppressive all-consuming takeover of the World Mindwave Network at the appointed times, when the stars are right. Oh how his growls are soothing! There's really nothing more comforting than his snorts and musky scent as he whispers the riddles of darkness and oblivion to us as we sleep. It just feels right. If only I could make @Aubrey Holes understand then my life would be truly complete.

7/29/2018 8:20pm

The stables are full so where am I supposed to keep my giraffe?

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