The Elder Scouts

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Gwiazda Vega
- 2/22/2022 10:15pm

Stay awake! Do you have no ideas what to do with the Elder Scouts during our scout holiday which is the Day of Fraternal Thinking? We are already in a hurry to help!

Ms. Hazeltine
- 2/28/2022 11:43pm

The Elder Scouts are returning from their centuries-long hiatus this month, and we’re sure you’ll have lots of questions as you find them doddering around campus, looking for a bathroom, and asking when dinner is.

To answer all your questions, Elder Scout Ambassador @Gwiazda Vega will be conducting meet-and-greets, get-to-know-you sessions, campus tours, and making arrangements for these venerated spirits to stay in your dorm room in your bed while you sleep on the floor.

Welcome Gwiazda!


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

Gwiazda Vega
- 3/5/2022 6:18pm

H A A A A ! We're back with another batch of ideas for Elder Scouts during our scout holiday which is the Day of Fraternal Thinking.

This time we present to you proposals for this year's Elder Scout Return. She is called "Our world, our equal mire" and begins another three-year series of chants to wake the Elder Scouts from their long and formless sleep.

As part of this material, you will be able to with scouts and scouts:

• Give your Elder Scout a bath
• Give your Elder Scout a walk
• Review your Elder Scout's medications
• Acquire a lot of fitness, accomplish traps or part of the tasks on a step

Try it for yourself with your Elder Scout! Send in a photo of you doing this proposal with your Elder Scout and tag them.

Emily West
- 3/9/2022 8:48pm

My Elder Scout snores so bad I had to move to Carolyn’s room. But I don’t really mind because they’ve come such a long way.

How do I know my Elder Scout hasn’t been injured, or had a stroke? It just sleeps all day. It won’t walk. Or get out of bed. I gave its tusks a sponge bath and it seemed to like that.

- 3/10/2022 7:53am

Updates on my most confusing situations regarding my roommates:

Belnaak summoned 7 other scouts from a vortex to god knows where.

5 smaller versions of Khuhdr have decided to move into my sock drawer.

Xyzzyvnnn hasn't shown much of a desire to eat for the last 3 days, and is starting to sprout tentacles from his cheeks.

Guutuuu managed to relocate his mobility tentacles to the top of his head.

Zagnar replaced my wallet with a sea urchin that vomits out Spingles. It hasn't given my wallet back, and nobody in this dimension accepts Spingles.

Gwiazda Vega
- 3/16/2022 10:55pm

A proposition from our garden - Badge of the Day of Brotherhood for Elder Scouts!

By earning the badge, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the idea of OVV (Outer Void Vision) and celebrate it in a new, slightly different way.

You will have the chance to take on a range of activities that will help increase your knowledge of OVV (Outer Void Vision) as well as explore the diversity of the Outer Void, which offers us much more than we could possibly imagine.

Before we dive into the new OVV with the introduction title it's worth refreshing the news about the development spheres.

Let it be done here:

.X+. .
.Xx+-. .

We invite you to Swaya, where you can read about them briefly! : )

The end of the transitional period is slowly approaching and from April this year we will all be working on a new OVV.

It is worth using the coming months and camp to gradually start introducing new elements. In the upcoming posts we will bring you a new System!

Try it for yourself with your Elder Scouts! Send a photo of you implementing this proposal and tag it #OVVSYSTEM

Emily West
- 3/20/2022 9:17pm

My Elder Scout is up and walking again, and I was able to achieve the Level II Walking Badge skill by performing just a few simple tricks as seen in the booklet.

You need 2 or more Elder Scouts to perform the formations necessary for the higher level mobility badges. If everyone with an Elder Scout met up on the blacktop every day after school this week, just think of the levels we could achieve! We could build a veritable ladder to the stars.

Hope to see everybody out there!


Gwiazda Vega
- 3/27/2022 9:44pm

The Old Wrestler Colonel is the new element in the development of your Elder Scout.

Many Elder Scouts will gather and it cannot be controlled. You will stop them and stop them and still they will go outside and gather in their numbers.

They are saying: "I am an Elder Scout, now I am developing this method." From here he is also an instrument for the Elder Scouts, not for their staff of servants of the lower realms, which she calls "Our world, our equal mire."

Allow your Elder Scouts to gather! Since the purpose of both braces is TIME, and tasks have been systematic to reflect that.

On the Prezi you will find a sample of the Star Wrestler belt. The same attempt is also part of the Elder Scout Trials, so if you have Elder Scouts still sleeping or developing it is time to get both of them simultaneously. The herd shouldn't be a long trial either!


Emily West
- 4/3/2022 8:42pm

This afternoon the Elder Scouts made a pyramid on the blacktop. Six of the stoutest Elder Scouts on the bottom, then 5, 4, 3, 2, and that cute little Elder Scout with the braided tentacles on the top. 21 Elder Scouts total.

We didn't even have to herd them into doing it -- they seemed to be doing it on their own through some kind of inborn programming.

Do we still get a badge for that @Gwiazda Vega? Even though it was auto-organizing?

Ms. Hazeltine
- 4/25/2022 11:05pm

We'd like to thank all the students who took part in the Awakening Rituals of the Elder Scouts. The new OVV was realized, and, through the efforts of the Scout Assistant Volunteers, the Elder Scouts were able to assume the ritual positions at the appointed time and make their ascension.

This outcome could never have been achieved without the aid of the Scout Assistant Volunteers, who, in the course of their assistance, had their physical and psychic bodies absorbed by the Elder Scouts. The OVV Transformation Ritual is now complete!

So, a big round of applause for those Scout Assistant Volunteers! We look forward to seeing their return in their new "Elder Forms" at the next cycle.


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

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