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The Elder Scouts
4/3/2022 8:42pm

This afternoon the Elder Scouts made a pyramid on the blacktop. Six of the stoutest Elder Scouts on the bottom, then 5, 4, 3, 2, and that cute little Elder Scout with the braided tentacles on the top. 21 Elder Scouts total.

We didn't even have to herd them into doing it -- they seemed to be doing it on their own through some kind of inborn programming.

Do we still get a badge for that @Gwiazda Vega? Even though it was auto-organizing?

The Elder Scouts
3/20/2022 9:17pm

My Elder Scout is up and walking again, and I was able to achieve the Level II Walking Badge skill by performing just a few simple tricks as seen in the booklet.

You need 2 or more Elder Scouts to perform the formations necessary for the higher level mobility badges. If everyone with an Elder Scout met up on the blacktop every day after school this week, just think of the levels we could achieve! We could build a veritable ladder to the stars.

Hope to see everybody out there!


The Elder Scouts
3/9/2022 8:48pm

My Elder Scout snores so bad I had to move to Carolyn’s room. But I don’t really mind because they’ve come such a long way.

How do I know my Elder Scout hasn’t been injured, or had a stroke? It just sleeps all day. It won’t walk. Or get out of bed. I gave its tusks a sponge bath and it seemed to like that.