Summer Session

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Ernestine Picklefish
- 6/18/2024 11:58pm

The stray thought population really skyrockets on campus during the summer. Even with Summer Session the school feels a little empty, and it attracts the wild and stray thoughts like a birdhouse.

In the past the school has used less than human methods to take care of the infestation, so I'm sticking around with a few friends from the old Stray Thoughts Club to set up and maintain a system of no-kill traps. We even got the administration to give us a budget, which is really great because Mindy and my friends already donate all our extra money to the cause.

Anyway, stay clear of the traps! Really they can't tell the difference between a stray thought and a tame one. It's up to you to control your own.

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- 6/15/2024 2:41am

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Cat Shadows
- 6/11/2024 11:03pm

Here for Psychic Drivers Ed.

Have you met him? He's awesome!

Madeline Moss
- 6/10/2024 11:13pm

I can't say I'm sorry that @January February was kicked out of the Terraridorm. Sure, accidents happen, but there just didn't seem to be any remorse. I feel safer now, but that's because I'm inside the Terraridorm. Can't say the same for the rest of Summer Session.

Anomora the Crab Girl is on vacation with her family in Malta. I'd like to take a road trip, but that means keeping a traveling habitat that's moist and temperature controlled. Hank Okomodo, Dragon Boy, says he could maybe borrow his parent's van.

January February
- 6/6/2024 10:31am

As a cold-blooded reptile, I usually enjoy the summer months, but being trapped at school the whole summer totally blows (for lack of a better phrase).

Sending out that psychic blast that put 38 students in a vegetative state was a total accident! Like, I can't believe that warrants being put on disciplinary probation or whatever. At MOST maybe I deserved a week-long suspension in the basement tanks, but now my entire summer is ruined!

Anyway, hopefully I can find SOME way to keep myself from total boredom-brain annihilation this summer. In the meantime, you'll probably find me sharpening my claws on the nearest hapless passerby.

Uzboy Chan
- 6/4/2024 5:43pm

Tetherball is not an indoor sport. Especially not Psychic Tetherball. Which is why I stick around for Summer Session.

I'll be on the road a lot on the Psychic Tetherball circuit. Lots of away matches. But as soon as we have some scheduled here at home, look for my announcements!

Isabel James
- 6/1/2024 7:12pm

I guess I got accepted into Psychic High School!

I did the application in my mind.

Ms. Hazeltine
- 6/1/2024 1:59am

A great big welcome to all our summer session students, as well as those compelled to attend through the summer as part of their probationary discipline, and those from entirely different time frames as well.

Summer is a very special time of year here at Psychic High School, when we experience higher temperatures than ever, as well as more intense storms, rains, and high wind. And that's really just our own fault, not even related to global warming! Except perhaps as a contributor.

It's also a more intimate time on campus, as our student body isn't quite as big as during the rest of the school year, and many students just lounge around on hammocks or hang out at the pool without attending classes at all. We are slowly identifying those students and sending them home as we find them.

So, don't be mysterious! Introduce yourself here so everyone knows just what you're capable of, and if protective clothing may be necessary to interact with you wherever you might "hang out."

Speaking of hanging out, I'll be taking a few weeks off this summer to attend Psychic Love Counseling Camp with that scoundrel of a psychic spelunker who stole my heart, @Seketus Reed. I've given him one last chance to reconcile, and if this doesn't work for us he'll never dive this cave again.


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator