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- 7/17/2016 1:58pm

So disappointing.

My sisters and I were all settled in to our grand suite on Space Ark B, ready to watch the greatest interstellar fireworks show since, well, whatever the last one was, only to see that silly space bullet stand on its nose on the Earth then speed away. (You know, Earth's atmosphere is only about 100 miles thick, so at 600 miles long, 5/6 of the apparently-not-so-scary "Halberd-class mega-weapon" stuck up quite a ways. I suppose that's not something you see every day.) The only "destruction" were those ridiculous old Japanese monsters bashing their heads on it before they went back to their caves on Monster Island for their naps.

Even more galling, I suppose, was to learn that @Asteroidea really is extra-terrestrial. Or part at least. Not that hybrid species really "count" in my book. But it explains her innate four-D skills. Thank goodness humans haven't actually evolved far enough to start doing that on their own.

The worst of it is, of course, that after the Earth wasn't destroyed, our parents sent us back to Psyhigh. My sisters and I were so looking forward to moving off this dump, but after it wasn't blown to smithereens, I guess it was easier to re-enroll us than to find us a new school somewhere. Now we're on a waiting list for dorm rooms, which is frankly perfectly fine with me because the dorm rooms really are quite disgusting, so while we wait we've got rooms on Moon Base which is more the quality of life my sisters and I are used to. And I don't care what it costs because my parents can pay.

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Miranda Ashdove
- 7/17/2016 1:21pm

Well i suppose this is great, seeing as only an earth from dimension 84HX-7Q5-4-JR got destroyed and the school is more or less safe. I hope that buys us time. i have a bad feeling that planets aren't the only thing this spaceship thingy can tear through

NHK Announcer Voice
- 7/11/2016 11:37pm






- 7/10/2016 10:11pm

And then the world ended. There was a shockwave first, obliterating the surface and everyone on it, so fast you couldn't even hear it coming. Then the Earth fractured, and exploded in a ball of fire.

Except it didn't.

Instead, I met my mom.

It turns out dad did more than play poker with the aliens. One of them he was especially close with. Did they even know their different biologies were similar enough to conceive a child? She stuck around long enough to have me, then left. Back to the stars. Back to her destiny. Back to become what she was born to be.

A Halberd Class Mega-Weapon.

I'm not really sure how it works. The Halberd Class Mega-Weapons are alive. Conscious. Sentient. My mom is one. Did she somehow grow into a 600 mile long pink crystal space knife? Or was it grown on its own, and she was implanted into it? We didn't talk about it. We talked about how much we missed each other.

I was standing in the grass outside the library, staring up at the sky, waiting for it to hit. I'd spent so much time with it in 4-D land -- long enough to realize it was alive, long enough to start to care for it. It was all so mind blowing, so cosmic, I had forgotten or just didn't care about the world being blown up. I was just waiting for it to happen, out in the school yard, when from out of the sky it came straight down at me, point first, and stopped. 10 feet from my face. The point of it pointing right at me, the rest of its 600 mile long pink crystal knife body behind it.

"Asteroidea," it said. In my mind.

Then we were lost in a sea of telepathic memory. I could see my dad, young, in the dessert. My old house. A baby (me). She loved me so much, but couldn't stay. It was like salmon spawning - she had to get back to a certain place in deep space and become what she was born to become. But she had always planned to come back and check on me, when I was old enough.

All of my memories came rushing out too, and we both cried.

But it's not like it made a lot of sense to stay like that: a girl in a school yard looking straight up at a 600 mile tall crystal space bullet. People would stare. And call the military. But now that I know 4-D, we can visit any time. Mom said she'll be sticking around this area of the galaxy for awhile, so we can hang out. Mother-daughter time.

Slowly, she backed up into the stratosphere till she was just a glint of pink reflection in the sky. Then she shot off into the interstellar reaches.

I appreciate her sooooo much.

I can't wait to tell dad.

- 7/9/2016 10:41pm

I have mixed feelings about leaving Earth. I'm looking at the southern hemisphere from the porthole in my cabin. The Space Arks are full and moving a safe distance away to observe the destruction. Not sure if I'll be able to see it out my window when we get there. If I am, I'm not sure I'll be able to watch it.

Of course, we had to evacuate. And we couldn't tell the Earth people that it was coming because it would have created unnecessary chaos, since they couldn't be evacuated anyway.

I'll really miss the non-extraterrestrial friends that I made. I'm sure most of us will. But there wasn't anything we could do. There's no stopping a giant space bullet like that. And it's obviously a 4D event. Everybody's counting on going there as soon as it takes form in the chronofix. And you know what they say about 4D events being completely predetermined in time, which is why we can visit them in person in the past. So it's inevitable that the space bullet will pierce the Earth tomorrow at almost the speed of light and reduce the planet to a cloud of plasma in under three minutes.

You can't dwell on it. Just keep moving on, to a new school, and new friends. And a new 4D event that will get as old as all the others. Soon, I hope.

Bye Earth.

Artie 9000
- 7/8/2016 11:54pm

You all witnessed me burning my Inclusion Token today out on the landing fields. I've renounced my citizenship in the Galactic Confab, and have decided to remain and meet my kelazanome here on Earth.

The complete iknabitab of the entire Galactic Confab makes me khurdel. And it's not just the leadership in the distributed waknob, and the interstellar media, but the attitudes of the members of the Extraterrestrial Student Alliance that I once called friends. The impending baliskitnoz of planet Earth has no more meaning to you than an ansible soap, or the latest four-dee destination.

Being an exchange student at Psyhigh has made me gerfunkel the value of all life forms, even those not part of the Great Showering. If we are this cahoules and mkdfrnc to their existence, we can not fully know our own, and our spearowling mega-civ is doomed to retinify.

I make my pekulalemz here on Earth.

NHK Announcer Voice
- 7/7/2016 9:10pm





- 7/6/2016 11:04pm

Extraterrestrial Student Alliance: Evacuation Days!

As you can tell by tonight's light show, the magnificent Space Arks have arrived. Which means it's time to START THE LOADING!! WAHOOOO!!!

First Class, Triumphant Empire Class, and Skull Crushing Neglect Class: Chauffeurs are at the ready for private disembarkation appointments.

Star Class, Humble Class, and Rough 'n Ready: Check your boarding passes for updated time and locations for your boarding assignments.

Suspended Animation passengers: First come, first served at the processing facilities near the fuel dump.

We've done a great job keeping this out of the terrestrial media, and tonight's landing has been shielded from non-extraterrestrial minds with a massive hypno-mindwave covering a fifty-mile radius. Boarding will be completed this Saturday, just in time to lift off and get a view of what's sure to be one of the most visited 4-D viewing locales for the rest of time.

See you in orbit!

- 7/5/2016 10:34pm

I've been spending my time totally zoned out in 4-D land. Do my eyes turn all white when I do it? I could ask my roommate if I weren't so zoned out all the time. I could also be going to class. The contingency for my scholarship is that I pass summer school.

But I've been drawing a lot. Pictures of what I see. Pictures of the mega-weapon. I wish I had taken remedial remote viewing. I'd be getting an A+ and extra credit.

I've been staring at it for days - its long graceful shark-knife form. Studying it up close too. The crystal it's made of looks more like scales when you're up close. Pink scales. I was studying a large formation of them near the bow of the ship when they suddenly shifted. And parted. At first a slit, which opened into an eye. A huge eye - 10 miles long? A cat's eye. With a purple diamond iris.

At that point I kinda freaked out and broke the connection.

- 7/2/2016 10:18pm

Waiting out these last few days on campus is ghastly. The dorm rooms seem dingier than ever, and with most the students gone for summer it's even more of a tomb than it usually is. Plus the sickeningly green grass and absurd blue sky... knowing the whole planet is going to be blasted to atoms in a week or so is really quite a relief. At least for those of us getting on the Space Arks.

Agloniboiz and Aijo Freya have grown bored of visiting the mega-weapon as it hurtles through deep space, plus that dreary Asteroidea is always hanging around out there. How a non-extraterrestrial ever got the hang of four-D viewing is beyond me. But as usual, she has no taste, so it's easy to ditch her.

Ain has been partial to the 5000 mile high waterfalls of Cirux 11 so we've been spending our time there. Aggil Baas says it's already out of vogue, and that next we need to witness the mass suicide of the population of Ellipius because it's a) historic and b) it's in line with the motif of the destruction of Earth (which I find a questionable comparison because what happened on Ellipius was directly related to the fact that their hive mind was disrupted when Worm Emperor Xnar slipped in the bathtub and died and his entire planet of slave-clones enacted their self-destructs, whereas the Earth is going to be destroyed by a Halberd Class mega-weapon for no apparent reason whatsoever. But they're both examples of mega-death I suppose).

As soon as our Space Ark arrives we'll be moving right into our deluxe suite, and I swear we'll never look back at this depressing little rock again.

Oh - except when it blows up.

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