Star Queens

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- 5/7/2016 11:40pm

Psyhigh is so cliquey. I've got my besties Goran the Snake Boy and Louisa, but it seems like nobody else wants to make friends with anybody.

Like in the cafeteria at breakfast this morning the only open seats were by the Star Queens, who were all perfectly coiffed and radiant even at 8:30 am. I sat down and said hi and they all looked at me like I was an alien, then they did that all-white thing with their eyes and stayed that way through my whole breakfast. I'm sure they were talking about me and laughing, where ever they go when they do that.

Without Goran and Louisa I'd be pretty lost around here.

- 5/9/2016 2:49pm

That is very kind of both of you, @Kanji West and @xiirth. It's always nice to find friendly faces no matter how different you are. I find Goran the Snake Boy's musky scent kind of comforting, and I don't mind at all that Louisa doesn't talk. They got used to the four-dimensionality of being around me pretty quick! The nausea passes fairly soon for most people.

- 5/10/2016 1:24pm

I get my four-dimensionality from my dad. My parents lived in the desert in Nevada before I was born, and aliens used to drop by all the time. My dad played poker with them and learned a bunch of stuff, including how they don't really fly in spaceships all the way here but use Dark Matter like it was a highway and they can cross the vastness of space super quick that way. It's easier for them to get to Earth when there're nuclear bomb tests (because they rip little holes in space-time), which is why there were a whole bunch back in the 50s. But they still find ways today.

So anyway my dad hung around with them a lot so some of their four-dimensional stuff must have rubbed off on him, and then me! I love my dad.

- 5/15/2016 10:13pm

Being around four-dimensionality gives you vertigo. Which is funny because we're actually surrounded by it all the time. So I guess it's being aware of four-dimensionality that gives me that feeling. And then the people around me get it.

Four-dimensionality isn't constant. It swirls and gathers, and there's more of it in some places than others. Usually it gathers around interesting things. Or maybe I just think the things it gathers around are interesting. I seem to gravitate towards them.

My dad taught me how to see it, but he says I've got a natural talent for it. I bet my mom did too, but she left when I was young. Dad says they didn't talk about that kind of thing with each other. She must not have hung out and played poker with the aliens like dad did.

Azura Kynold
- 5/16/2016 12:42pm

I have only seen the Star Queens from afar. They fill me with Fear and the indescribable feeling that one gets after experiencing the colour Purple.

I also have Minimal friends. I have no friends. I think I am new here, but I am bad with Time, so I do not know how long I have been in this school.

- 5/18/2016 11:17pm

My sisters and I are misunderstood. Ain, Aijo Freya, Aggil Baas, Agloniboiz, and myself - we don't look down on anyone! We just share a bond it's not possible for other people to understand. The awesome majesty of the Amethyst Empire. The Galvanic Spires glowing in the exosphere of Rarardan. The mammoth Deathnaughts, each the size of a mountain range, in orbit around Tarkal. We can go there whenever we want.

So it's not that we're uninterested in your tiny little lives, or your "problems." It's that they don't even register to us.

- 5/19/2016 9:40pm

I think the Star Queens must know four-dimensionality too. And if they're actually going somewhere with it, then they know it better than I do. It must happen when their eyes go all white and they zone out like that. The rest of their style and fashion sense I'll still blame on their personal taste.

But am I admitting they're better than me? Well, everybody's better at some things than everybody else. Or something. Right?

I need to know what they're doing. I guess I'll be sitting as close to them as I can at lunch - as close to their perfume fog as I dare. Conversation-starting distance at least. I'll bet the four-dimensionality is pinching up around them more than I realized.

- 5/22/2016 9:52pm

The hypnotic forces around me beckon me to paint with the colors of the wind.

- 5/22/2016 10:51pm

My sisters and I -- Ain, Aijo Freya, Aggil Baas, and Agloniboiz -- have been experiencing strange gravitational disruptions at lunch. That gloomy girl from the trailer park has been sitting near to us, and each time she does it triggers our fugue state. This is when we go to meet the true Music of the Spheres -- the Symphony of the Stars!

We watched the massive form of the Moon Digger claw its way up through the heart of the crystal city of Arainja, the seat of the Amethyst Empire. We watched undeveloped civilizations, tens of thousands of years old, annihilated by artificially triggered solar storms. We watched the Elder Machines as they folded up the time around them till they never existed.

Then our gaze shifts to a dark night of stars over desert mountains, and a lone 7-11 under a streetlight.

This is why we aren't generally over eager to make friends. My sisters and I have certain standards. Ewww.

- 5/23/2016 7:33am

Oh, I've seen the Star Queens! They creep me out. I've sat next to them once, and they've done the same thing to me. They're why I refuse to make friends.

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