New Year = New You

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Ms. Hazeltine
- 1/1/2024 1:38am

Happy New Year to all our students, be they prospective, new, returning, ectoplasmic, extraterrestrial, mineral, silicon-based, data constructs, feral, or otherwise.

The start of a new year is an excellent time to concentrate on renewal, changing old negative habits and adopting new ones. I, for instance, am resolving to no longer let myself fall for a certain psychic geo-archeologer's lies and charm and consider the positive side of being a single person my age.

But you, you're young and at a very important and exciting stage of your life--that is, attending Psychic High School! So, please tell us a little bit about yourself and the last dream you can remember here. It will help everyone get to know you better. REALLY know you better.


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

- 1/1/2024 7:04pm

I'm totally confused, I just decided to come here one day and I'm really happy to be here, BUT for some bizarre reason, I feel lost!

Ora Riley
- 1/6/2024 11:45pm

Yeah I m one of the kids who helped the aliens. And it made everything a lot better than it would have been if I hadn't, OK? That's gotta b clear. I don't know why so many r h8ting on me

Audrey Farber
- 1/9/2024 11:08pm

I fell asleep on the bus and they said "last stop! everybody off!" but I looked around and I was the only person left.

So I got out of the bus and there were so many empty busses. Like, busses as far as you can see, all empty in all directions NOT IN SERVICE NOT IN SERVICE NOT IN SERVICE NOT IN SERVICE.

Eventually I found the office and here I am.

But I think I left my mittens on the bus Is there a lost and found?

Ilsa Chambers
- 1/13/2024 11:21pm

I would like to exchange this ventriloquist dummy.

Orlando Palmer
- 1/16/2024 10:04pm

I signed up in a pilot-wave equilibrium. Me and Ginger Higgins. We're from a non-normalized state.

- 1/20/2024 12:23pm

I had to be transferred from my due to some... issues... Anyway, I'm Paddok! I used to be a part of the medical department/team at The Institution Of Watchers.

I was a student who helped purge the others of "infections" with the help of my peers and the teachers.

I'm excited to be here!!

Finley Donna
- 1/25/2024 10:13pm

If it hadn't been for Ranger Rotten, I never would have ended up at this crummy school. He had it out for me and was just looking for a reason to put me away.

I'm not looking to make friends. Just here to do my time.

- 1/29/2024 9:23am

New Year, New Me? Oh okay! I'll just stop being an introvert! Going to a party with 250 people and alcohol. Sure! Wait 250 PEOPLE and no coffee! Nevermind. *slumps in a corner wrapped in my blanket, sad introvert noises*

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