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Letters from TIOW (The Institution Of Watchers)
1/20/2024 3:38pm

Here's a letter from #495;

Dear #767

How's the new school? Is it as boring as we all think? It's only a matter of time until you come back. You know your work is better suited for us here, you know... But anyway, how are you? #553 keeps asking me if we can plan a field trip with Teacher7. I keep telling them no. Maybe you should have taken them with you. Their training is going really well, shockingly. Their swordsmanship is still shoddy, though...
Anyway, we miss you. Bye!!


Letters from TIOW (The Institution Of Watchers)
1/20/2024 1:05pm

I got some letters from my old school. I might post some of them later. I miss the Institution, not gonna lie. We had some good times...

New Year = New You
1/20/2024 12:23pm

I had to be transferred from my due to some... issues... Anyway, I'm Paddok! I used to be a part of the medical department/team at The Institution Of Watchers.

I was a student who helped purge the others of "infections" with the help of my peers and the teachers.

I'm excited to be here!!