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Meat Mathieson
- 3/2/2016 12:22am

Time is getting holes in it - like an old sweater. And I'm afraid it's due to @patrick and his uncontrolled time shifting.

Like yesterday, he'd just come back from 4820AD with his new tesseridoodad all excited to hook it up, and then - SEVEN HOURS LATER - he reappeared but seemed to be experiencing the exact same moment he had previously.

Now, I'm only in Chrono Studies 101 with @Lydia Raivata, and I know you're not supposed to cross your own timeline. But with @patrick it's the opposite - there's just one of him but he's repeating the same moments at different times. Or, from his perspective, is he in two moments at the same time, and he's only experiencing it once?

Either way, he's wearing holes in the chronological fabric of reality, and before long it will rip open and we'll all fall out and land on the Floor of Time and get sucked up by the Vacuum of Oblivion.

Isn't this the kind of thing that Time Team is supposed to watch out for? Where is @Nova Toaster? Where is @time pilot terry? Are there any new members of Time Team?

- 3/2/2016 6:12am

@Meat Mathieson well then can you help me my journey from the future was the first controlled time jump I have ever had and that was lucky my time locks have been broken earlier this month and I suspect sabatoge I can't stop jumping through time I need someone to help replace my locks otherwise good bye all of this universe

time pilot terry
- 3/3/2016 12:07am

Did someone say.... TIME TEAM?!

Cruising in my Time Bubble out past the 25th century, I noticed that my uniform was feeling a little snug. It was then I realized that the soothing textures of my terrycloth time-strap had been replaced by cheap scratchy polyester!

I knew at once something had gone terribly wrong with the time stream. I looked back and saw it was RIDDLED WITH HOLES! Like frickin' swiss cheese!

So I swooped down through the centuries via the time tunnels and found the problem was emanating right here at Psyhigh. You've got a loose time-nut in the personage of a student named @patrick (no-last-name). Part-time criminal, part-time antiquities dealer, full-time trouble maker--from a stability of the chronosphere perspective.

But I'll tell you - dealing with these cases is difficult. It's not the subject's fault - they've just got a loose bolt up in the old Time Regulator. But fixing it is tricky. Generally we need to incarcerate them in the Blue Epoch Penitentiary, which exists just past the end of time. We put them in there and... well, ok, there's really no fixing them. They just remain locked up eternally. But when they're locked up in ol' Blue, they can't harm the time stream any more because they're outside of it.

So I'll be poised on campus, with my Chrono-cannon locked and loaded, ready for @patrick to appear. And when he does I'll blast him right out of time--and into Blue Epoch Penitentiary.

Have a super day, everybody!

- 3/3/2016 5:38am

Oh no you don't. I know the problem I had what are known as a psychic time lock but sombody smashed mine overnight a few months ago and I just found out problem is I can't fix it because it was a lost magic art from the Ancient mayans so unless somebody happens to know to perform a time lock ritual I'm not leaving my pocket dimension

- 3/3/2016 9:54pm

Ok so I think the problem should be fixed soon thanks to an anonymous tip on the ritual needed all I need to find is 3 artifacts a symbol of the past a symbol of the present and a symbol of the future I have the first the other two not quite sure how to get @time pilot terry can you help with the symbol of the future anybody have an idea for the present. I also have the necessary item to enchant and can set up the rest now it's a waiting game

time pilot terry
- 3/4/2016 10:13pm

Having a little trouble breaking this new Chrono-cannon in. Wasn't sure how the safety worked, and blew the Transcendent Art building all the way to the White Castle, which is at the far end of Main Street. Of 2029.

So I need to go take care of that. But @patrick, I am willing to give you a break. As a symbol of the future, I'm leaving you my Time Strap. Just like the future, it's soft and comfortable and made of terrycloth, covers the important areas, and is highly efficient. Plus: machine washable.

My winged Time Helmet will be enough for me. Good luck!

- 3/4/2016 11:15pm

@time pilot terry thank you for your help I should be back to normal by tomorrow night I decided to use a cell phone and enchant a decent spartan shield so the flow of time should be back to normal by Monday morning good night

- 3/5/2016 6:30am

@time pilot terry thank you for your help I should be back to normal by tomorrow night I decided to use a cell phone and enchant a decent spartan shield so the flow of time should be back to normal by Monday morning good night

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