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Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/29/2016 12:34pm


Girls so yesterday i was trying to find my magic book which for some reason was downstairs in the basement in the Forbidden room.Reason why i knew where it was: If my magic book isn't on it's shelf it likes to wander.... So anyways i went in there and there i saw a big black monster with 5 eyes and like 20 legs and 2 mouth and 3 heads! It looked like it was made out of tar or some gooey stuff and it HAD MY MAGIC BOOK AND A WAND! Then it ran out the door while i stood there dumbfounded. Oops. Ehrr girls get your powers ready this may be another adventure for us!

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/29/2016 12:53pm

Ok my friends,We have-inster drumroll here- A NEW ADVENTURE! I was looking for my magic book and as you girls know i have been looking for it for weeks and have looked everywhere on campus even the ruins of the tower! Except the Forbidden Room down in the basement. I went down there yesterday and uhm there was a monster down there covered in black fur with a scaly ugly looking tale,and 2 heads,20 eyes,and 6 legs and it was holding my magic book and a wand! And then it ran out the door as i stood there,dumbfounded. Anyways i followed its trail and it went into my magic room STOLE half of the stuff and i'm pretty sure it is at the tower....Man i hope the princaple doesn't find out or else i am in SO much trouble!

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/29/2016 4:35pm

@Luna,@crystal five,and @Bella...any signs of a magic monster? Anyways i'm doing research in the library and...hold up does anyone else smell a very acidic old smell? With a hint of rotten...I have noticed it everywhere in the school.Hmm.Weird. Anyways as I was saying,I am doing research in the library and i can't find anything YET. But i may need help i can't go through over 20 books in one day! I have sent my friends a letter of warning about the monster and the principal an apology letter and now i have lunch duty for a month!

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/30/2016 5:24am

Ehrr..@Luna,you may or may not have noticed that this monster has taken housing in your room. I have tried to coax him out with everything(including the newest wand!),push him,pull him, even pick him up and throw him. At least i think it's a guy. Anyways help,somehow. Anyone,i don't want lunch duty for another month! Anyways i am taking speaking basic monster:101,and this monster speaks part basic monster,and 2 other languages i don't even know. So something or another about how it was his room first,so ya.

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/30/2016 1:05pm

Anyone seen a monster?

- 8/30/2016 2:04pm


Oh, uh, whoops. My Monster translator wasn't on.

Yes, @Crystal Rosethorn, I have black fur and a beautiful scaly tail and 2 heads, 20 eyes, and 6 legs.

How can I help you?

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/30/2016 6:41pm

Haha hey,uhm can you return my magic book? And return to your room? I don't want yet another month of lunch duty and soon enough i will have to help the janitor.*Shudder* Oh and like get out of @Luna's room? and how did you get a phone/computer...AND OW DO YOU TYPE?!? I know demon and some basic monster.

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/31/2016 5:22am

Uhm what other favors...ah yes please don't hurt any of us,if you intended to. Actually you are very polite,nice monster. I wonder why you were locked up,you really are nice.

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/31/2016 2:35pm

Hey monster,can you maybe return to where you where BEFORE i found you?

- 8/31/2016 11:05pm

Do my 5 eyes, 20 legs, 2 mouths and 3 heads alarm you, @Crystal Rosethorn? Or the acidic smell of my oily, oozing skin? I seem to have that effect on some people.

As for my book, I checked it out at the library.

All this tapping at my phone with my hoof makes me hungry. Can you tell me more about this "lunch duty," Crystal? Does it involve food?

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