Advanced Telekinesis Class

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Kara Ramirez
- 2/14/2021 10:55pm

Honestly remote learning with @Ms. Wissen has been tough. Mostly because she broadcasts on a theta wave (on account of the psycho-regeneration) and it's hard to make sense of what she's saying unless you're dreaming. But how can you do telekinesis when you're dreaming? That sounds dangerous.

So me and some of the other kids have been meeting to see what we can figure out on our own. @Kaia Malone and @Buttermilk Alfredo and @Conoco Phillips and @Lucas Arrum and I. We had been meeting in the Spoonbender, having hot psychoactive kombucha and muffins, but today we got thrown out for making stuff fly everywhere.

We were getting pretty cocky I guess, which is why afterwards in the parking lot--we lifted the whole PHS Bus! All of us together. With our minds. We held hands. It was cute.

You know how we're not supposed to do "big" stuff without adult supervision though so shhhh don't tell ANYBODY it was us. We only lifted it up like 30 feet and only for a few seconds. We were real careful I swear.

But isn't this great? I feel like we are finally learning advanced things.

Judah Hossain
- 2/15/2021 11:31am

I want to join now. I’m tired of only moving spoons.

- 2/15/2021 12:07pm

Hey! I would love to join this class, though the only thing is that I may need to leave this school in a short amount of time. :C

Conoco Phillips
- 2/16/2021 11:23pm

Ok, so, those big noises you heard today? Like thunder? That was us! The Advanced TK study group!

First, we hiked up into the hills to a place with big rocks and boulders and do you know what? We lifted those rocks and boulders out of the earth and then dropped the right back down on the earth. BOOM! Then we lifted them off the ground and whirled them around and then smashed them into each other! CRASH!

It was loud. And do you know how we did it? Teamwork. There's no way any one of us could have lifted one of those rocks but, together, it's the easiest thing in the world.

We just have to hold hands.

@Buttermilk Alfredo wants to do more "in person learning" as he calls it tomorrow night, under the bridge. He thinks we can lift one of those big barges that are parked in the river there, but I think maybe this is getting out of control. But at the same time I totally want to see it.

Mostly I just want to tell my mom so she sees that Advanced TK really does teach you useful skills. Like... moving giant objects. But mostly the real lesson is just one word -- TEAMWORK.

Ms. Wissen
- 2/17/2021 6:18am

@Conoco Phillips
Thank you for explaining the skills you have learned in my class! I have been getting quite a few paper airplanes from parents, saying I am taking up time in their child's schedule that could be spent doing something more useful, like Algebra 7. although come to think of it, those all had the same handwriting...

Kait G.
- 2/18/2021 10:26am

I just joined this school and would love to take this class. I need to learn to control it because last time I tried telekinesis, I accidentally moved my neighbors pony across the yard and long story short, I had to buy them a new pony....


Junior Agent LuLu
- 2/22/2021 11:17pm

Since I've been on campus investigating the appearance certain chitinous, spade headed denizens of the necromantic world, I've caught wind of a group of students engaging in unauthorized telekinetic activity. There have been reports from town of very large objects levitating, including a barge, a dump truck, a McDonalds, City Hall, the Pentagon, a string of 5G transmission towers, and the mayor's extremely large dachshund.

Before graduating to attend the Junior Psy Corps Community College Academy, I myself was a student at Psychic High School, and I understand the urge to "have a little fun" at the expense of the people in town.

However, as clearly stated in the Psychic Security Act, students are not allowed to engage in telekinesis of objects heavier than one metric ton without teacher supervision (code 147.999), and similarly prohibited from performing psychic activities that can be observed by non-psychics (code 083.012).

So, just a warning from your friendly local Psy Cop -- I've got my eye on you.

- 2/24/2021 11:45am

Is this flipping real??? I swear to god this website is W E I R D. I seriously hope this is meant as a joke. SERIOUSLY SOMEONE TELL ME THIS IS FAKE PLEASE

Abigail C
- 3/1/2021 6:53am

This school is as real as you or I. But are we real? Is anything real? What *is* reality? Look into quantum physics.

Lucas Arrum
- 3/1/2021 9:32am

Hey uh so I might've fucked up a bit

So I was out in the parking lot, moving stuff with my mind. Small things, rocks, bricks, etc. And I might've lost control of what i was moving and accidentally focused my power on Mr Strand's car...

I might've accidentally crumpled it like a tin can


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