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Children's Circle
3/6/2020 9:34am

Ah, Children's Circle. Takes one back, doesn't it? Some of my fondest memories are of those shadowy halls, strewn with leaves and twigs, smelling of peat, getting lost trying to find the loo. In England, the Children's Circle was run by the Forever Cabal, and Sinestra, the Almond-eyed Mother of the Night, was the head childminder. She staffed it with her pointy-eared minions, the Gobelin. Around issue #23 I believe. When I was there, Sinatra's sister, Sancia, the Snoozing Senorita from Spain, would come in for story time and of course we all fell asleep like bombs. But oh how we loved Sancia. So still, so perfect, lying in her protective glass coffin. I'm sure she hasn't aged a day