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4/6/2023 1:51am

So, it turns out that I wasn't actually experiencing a perception problem. [but] Everybody's head still looks a little elongated. This is day 2, and aside from the whole head thing, everything's going well. I participated well in my classes today. We also - finally! - inserted the robot IQ into an ACTUAL sample robot. Wow, I got to say, that I think I was just interacting with another Veli Vainamoinen. Stuff's wild, but Veli 2.0 functions well.

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Coincidence? Or not...
4/5/2023 4:40am

I felt my heart sink and my chest heavy. I shouldn't be that sentimental in school, I thought, but then my vision started to warp across multiple dimensions. My mouth ran dry and I dropped to the floor, speechless, in confusion and astonishment. I felt like crying, but, I just realized how embarrassing that would be for my first day in school, and people would probably just think I'm a lunatic and mock me.

Man up
Stand up
Go to class using the other hallway

And there. I think that's a good stopping point. It was really quick, but I feel even glad knowing that I wasn't late. In fact I was 4 minutes early.

Coincidence? Or not...
4/5/2023 4:29am

And I was right - I knew who the apparition was! It was my childhood friend, Barbara. She's a Polish girl I befriended years ago. Bashka, her nickname - let me call her that!

The dim and blurry Bashka waved at me, she's all grown up now. I've lost contact with her ever since I moved cities. I knew it was her - the apparition shared the same forget-me-not eyes and that sharp nose. Her hair's all grown now. It was quite nostalgic. This felt like the perfect time to reminisce, but I can't get the thought of being tardy in class, so I tried to make this quick as possible.

"Veli!" she waved in glee, stepping forward.

"Oh, Bashka..." I muttered.

She smiled and ran towards me as if she was about to hug me, but the closer she got, she just dissipated like mist to be evaporated.

Coincidence? Or not...
4/5/2023 4:10am

It's break time and I decided to write about my experience about the hallway again. Earlier, whilst returning to the main campus from the dormitory, I just stumbled across the same hallway again. I didn't think about it that much, perhaps because I was too preoccupied about not being marked as tardy...

My vision started to darken slowly and everything looked hazy. I felt as if I was... clouded. A cloudy sensation. I started feeling light - as in, my body felt light at weight. I stopped for a moment trying to grasp everything that's happening, it felt unreal. I was in a state of severe derealization and delirium. An apparition appeared in front of me, it looked dim and blurry. It was a familiar figure standing in front of me, of my eyes! Uncanny it was for me, for it felt like I knew the figure.

4/5/2023 3:23am

Excellent! I got a marvelous score on my first lesson, Cloning. We had to make a sample prototype of ourselves by using an empty robot IQ and import our mind there via the electromagnetic extraction helmet, before actually cloning ourselves. Of course we are liable for our creations in the cloning laboratory, so we had to keep our own robot IQs, so we don't lose it and mistaken it for someone else's. Thank you for those who wished me luck! Now we're moving on to the next subject.

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Perception Problem
4/5/2023 2:05am

I think I was having a perception problem. Do I? Elongated heads...

My Advice
4/5/2023 2:03am

In the middle of the lesson right now. I probably shouldn't be writing here, I should instead listen to sir, but I can't muster the courage to tell anyone! So what if I just write it here... so basically, I think everybody's head looks a little elongated, it wasn't like this earlier. Is it just me or does someone else see it too?

4/5/2023 1:51am

Update. We're now going to learn how to clone ourselves. This feels a little freaky... But you know what? It's for the grades, and I'm motivated. Wish me luck!

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4/5/2023 1:39am

It's just been a few minutes, or hours, whatever you'd consider it, Psychic High. But I was pretty impressed - not saying I underestimated the school, I didn't really expect anything at all to be frank. I just got to my destination a few seconds ago as of writing this. It's all thanks to one student! Thank you to whoever helped me out. It's just unfortunate how I didn't even get to ask for her name. While I was walking, confused and lost, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I thought I was alone in that hall, so I did kind of just got startled and jumped. I turned my back and I see a girl who, I assumed, had lots of experience with the campus. She told me something along the lines of "I read your mind!" and jumped while giggling about it. I didn't understand what was going on, like, what was so funny about it... She then proceeded to guide me where I should go. Even though it was quite embarrassing (listen, don't you think it's a little embarrassing to have your mind read by someone you don't even know?), I felt glad and relieved. After all, I guess the people here aren't that bad. As a Finn who spent most of his life in this country, in my early years, I was treated awfully and unfair, and they always made fun of my broken English and my silly accent. I kind of expected the same when I moved to Psychic High, and, what can I say? I'm dumbfounded! I might as well feel at home here as time goes by. I hope to make new friends here, ha-ha-ha.

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Coincidence? Or not...
4/5/2023 12:58am

Surely you knew that there are these reality warpers in Psychic High. Yes, don't call me foolish, I just learned that fact now. I was a little lost in where I should've been going and I'm a little bit too shy to even ask for help. I was walking to the hallway adjacent to a (presumably) classroom until it looked like as if my vision has some sort of vignette that just gradually kept getting darker and darker as I walked. I was scared to have my vision completely blacked out (which would just hinder me from even reaching my destination, and probably get marked as tardy) and bump into random walls or structures. You don't want to accidentally screw your first day up, right? That, for me, would be more embarrassing than funny. As I backed away, I grew a hollow feeling in my stomach and felt a lightheaded... What's happening? That's what I thought. Vague images that I had in my dream not so long ago flashed in my mind, it felt vaguely similar to the hallway. I don't know how to describe the feeling with words, but I just felt some sort of 'hollow anxiety'. I ran back further from the hallway and everything still seemed weird and off, I was already at the entrance, I wanted to leave - it was a strong urge, but I'd make my parents disappointed with that decision. You know what? I just tried to calm myself down. I should be accustomed to the mysterious happenstances here any time now, it'll become a normalcy for me... Right now, I'm still figuring out where to go.

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