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Perception Problem
4/27/2023 10:49pm

I ran into Dennis carting wheelbarrows of psychic toxic waste from the theater to the parking lot behind the gym.

"Why don't you wear a mask?" I asked. I was keeping my distance.

"Immunity. I work so closely with it I've built up a tolerance," he said. "Truth is, it's not really that dangerous in this state, after it's been deconstructed."

"When is it dangerous?" I asked.

He looked at me like I was an idiot.

"When you're thinking it. Obviously," he said.

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Perception Problem
4/17/2023 10:21pm

The workman's name is Dennis. I caught him having a sandwich on the bench outside the theater building.

"Yeah, there's a lot of plays down there, underneath," he said. "Lots of puppet violence comedies. Lots of oration and murder. Vaudeville... realism. And lots of other weird stuff that's embarrassing to talk about..."

Dennis was embarrassed.

"But some of it is just so bad it has to go," he said.

"Bad like how?"

"Oh, you know it when you see it. It's not the subject matter. Most of the bad stuff's pretty banal. It's more about how it stands up."

"Stands up to what?"

"My review."

Perception Problem
4/10/2023 10:41pm

I saw one of the workers who is trying to fix the Perception Problem. He said there was interference in the Noƶsphere. Something about a causal plane accident in the higher realms.

He was getting into the crawlspace below the theater building. If it was "higher realm" stuff I asked him why he was climbing down UNDER the school.

He turned to me and said "You don't know a thing, do ya kid?"

Perception Problem
4/5/2023 11:18pm

My head was definitely elongated, @Veli Vainamoinen.

@Roberta 9 took a picture after our Cyborg Ethics class and my brain grew so much it was totally apparent. She's making little 3D models of it and is going to sell them in the cafeteria after lunch. She's offering to split the margin 70/30, since she's doing all the printing and stuff, so that seems fair.

Now I'm just waiting for my head to go back to normal shape. After I digest all this KNOWLEDGE.

So no, that wasn't a perception problem. That was my real head.

Perception Problem
3/26/2023 12:21pm

Is it just me or is everybody else extra tall today?