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Wlmecoe! Wcelmeo! Welcmoe!
11/13/2016 6:53am

@Crystal_Rosethorn, I hope the same! I hope to get more education in that which I do, but no one from my old school cared for actually. And @Phoebe, I'm glad you have a body out of this school! Must have been a great help. In any case, my best wishes to you both!

Wlmecoe! Wcelmeo! Welcmoe!
11/10/2016 3:20pm

Hi Crystal Rosethorn! Sorry for the bad English, though I am pleased to be welcomed all. Has psychic abilities, in my opinion, totally unnecessary, but who knows... Well, I can hear materials. I listen to objects that makes a distinctive sound that resembles a kind of personality and emotions. Sometimes they turn into three or four words but in good English, what else can they say? Nothing else.

Wlmecoe! Wcelmeo! Welcmoe!
11/6/2016 7:55am

pleasure to meet you nicola!
this is (of course) gonna be my first year too, actually found this site on a list of "pointless websites": hah, can you believe people call this pointless

anyway, hello, and thank you for the "wcelmeo"! no problem that you can't spell it right haha.

and i can tell i will enjoy my time here, as i said, finally get to relate to people and fit in, for once...

-syning off

Wlmecoe! Wcelmeo! Welcmoe!
11/5/2016 2:06pm

i don't know what to write

might as well introduce myself
hello, my name is Amsden, but you can call me Synod.
honestly, the reason i came here, is because people at school never believe me when i tell them about this stuff.
doctors never believe in what they call "magic" but is oh so real.
so, i came here looking for a bit of comfort from all this, hopefully i can fit in with you all.

have a good day