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Haunted Driver’s Ed
7/24/2018 9:16am

I’m kind of late, but is Haunted Drivers’ Ed still available?? I need to be able to drive ASAP so I can get that glowing matter that is visible miles away on the abandoned Toys R Us.

6/10/2018 5:24pm

I object. Marzie is FULL of jumbo juice.

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6/10/2018 5:22pm

Dreary day. The perky students are at it again. I can feel the dark energy thickening, like gravy. Looks like I’ll have to feed the energy to the bottom feeder souls. Recycling dark matter is fun, kinda like composting. But sadly, composting dark matter is dangerous, therefore I cannot be with the Compost Kids. Feeling sad about things like this just creates more dark energy, which I have to send now to the evil ghosts down in the dungeons of PsyHigh. Gosh, I need friends to help me send the dark energy into those bloodthirsty non-beings.

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6/2/2018 3:21pm

I mean, I know that using mind control on students is punishable...But freaking Marzie won't shut up about her good grades in Ghost Cat whispering!! I certainly don't care, and guess what? No one else does!! I wish the school would let me use mind control, considering SOME people need to shut up, and fast. On another note, I am paying 6 coins from 32 A.C for people to be my friend. Requirements include: The ability to breathe underwater, Willingness to be mind controlled, and being a great cook. Apply in the left side of the school under the statue with glowing red eyes.

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4/18/2016 1:45pm

I'm Sol, the one people can count on for a good time. I love all my friends, and have average grades in Psyhigh.

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